68Denver reorganizing shares fell 42 underestimate the value of blue chip stocks.|Denver reorganizing shares fell 42 underestimate the value of blue chip stocks.9

Denver reorganizing shares fell 42 underestimate the value of blue chip stocks caught the market downturn, even some plan or completed a major reorganization of assets is expected to become the Phoenix Wuji listed companies, stock prices fell sharply. Some years of statistical data treasure announced a major reorganization of the stock oversold, of which 42 stocks over the next 3 years performance is expected to continue to grow. This year, the number of listed companies announced a major reorganization of the failure of the extraordinarily dazzling. Data treasure statistics show that this year a total of 68 listed companies have announced a major reorganization of the matter failed, has exceeded last year’s level. At the same time, the completion of major restructuring of listed companies also significantly reduced, only 163, last year, there are nearly 300 companies announced the completion of the restructuring. Changes in policy and market downturn is the core factor of the success rate of recombination events significantly reduced, even if the completion of a major reorganization of assets is expected to become the Phoenix Wuji listed companies, stock prices also have a large impact, there are signs of more oversold. The map will be restructuring progress for the Commission to suspend the audit, the failure of the shareholders meeting, did not pass, not through the issuance examination committee of listed companies after excluding the two stock markets have been completed or ongoing major reorganization of the total number of a total of 400. Among them, the total value of the transaction is the largest increase in the amount of 100% yuan of the acquisition of the Yangtze River, Sichuan power company’s cloud of interest, up to $79 billion 700 million, the current assets have been completed transfer. The value of the transaction is the second largest *ST jichai acquisition in capital of 75 billion 500 million yuan. The third is to issue shares to buy new material Dingtai SF holdings, total transaction value of 43 billion 300 million yuan. In addition, Tianhai investment (600751 acquisition of IMI, Haier Qingdao (600690 of the total value of the acquisition of general electric appliance business assets, Midea Group Offer KUKA group and 10 major reorganization transactions are more than 20 billion yuan. Sanonda A acquisition of ADAMA, Xinhai shares (002120 set by the acquisition of rhyme freight, Dayang creation (a total value of 600233 acquisition of Yuantong Express 20 major reorganization transaction more than 10 billion yuan. It is worth mentioning that the reorganization of great value number has been completed, Yangtze Power, etc. Its suits to buy the underlying asset transfer, Xi’an Minsheng (000564268 billion purchase supply a large set of holdings, HNA Group and Bohai based acquisition of basic industries holdings acquisition of Avolon and other 12 major reorganization has been completed. In general, similar transactions constitute a major reorganization of the stock market value of small companies to stimulate the role of relatively large. The introduction of the transaction value divided by the ratio of the latest market capitalization of listed companies, to a large extent reflect the underlying assets of listed companies. Data statistics show that 29 companies involved in the subject matter of the total value of the reorganization of the total value of its latest market capitalization. Among them, the total value of the transaction in capital asset *ST jichai acquisition was more than 15 times the company’s latest market capitalization; the total transaction value of *ST in petroleum engineering business days of the acquisition of the company is nearly 7 times the total market value; in addition, *ST Shun ship acquisition of Jiangsu trust assets, Sha Longda A acquired ADAMA, Zhongwang group shares backdoor;

54Apple’s new iphone7 will release a full analysis of stocks (with the stock list)|Apple’s new iphone7 will release a full analysis of stocks (with the stock list)1

Apple’s new iPhone7 will release A share stocks full resolution (with the full list of stocks) Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say on the stocks contest points out 60 million of Apple’s upcoming release of new products, iPhone7 can be comparable to the iPhone4 bring a surprise to the public? A shares of listed companies to benefit? A number of cool technology can be achieved? Securities Times reporter Chen Jiannan Apple Corp announced at 10 a.m. on September 7th (Beijing time on September 8th, at about 1 in the morning) officially held a press conference, iPhone7 as the protagonist will be officially unveiled. Every time Apple’s new conference, are seen as a fashion and technology innovation show. According to the data of iPhone7 exposure, longer battery life, operation and Internet speed will be faster and the possibility of curved screen, holographic projection, sapphire screen, wireless charging, dual cameras, waterproof and dustproof are innovative applications. IPhone7 forthcoming, some Wall Street analysts believe sales of new products can be sold 70 million units, whether this means that apple industry chain usher in a new round of outbreak? A number of cool technology to achieve a geometric probability? A shares of listed companies again Apple gluttonous feast, the degree of benefit? Securities Times · data treasure one comb. 1 curved screen, arbitrary folding, bending index: Cool assumes index:. In fact, Samsung has applied curved screen technology to NOTE7, and raised the concept of OLED rose. According to foreign studios announced earlier Sonitdac iPhone design in the future, iPhone will be the future by the side of the hyperboloid screen, just press the button at the top of the fuselage, the screen automatically extends to both sides, a magnification comparable to the iPad screen. However, according to the exposure of the spy photos show, iPhone7 realize the cool technology is unlikely. The industry generally believe that in 2017 apple is likely to join the new generation of iPhone mobile OLED curved screen, as well as VR AR and other related technologies. Benefit from the plate: OLED concept stocks to benefit: Mason shares, SinoWealth, Puyang Huicheng 2 holographic projection, cool visual experience Cool index: * assumes index: * early on the network broke the iPhone7 concept machine, mobile phone users click on the corresponding menu, will display the corresponding application in the air. This is the holographic projection technology (virtual imaging technology). This technology not only can produce air phantom stereo, can also make the phantom with the performers interact with the completion of the performances, produce shocking performance effect. Some time ago, directed by the famous director Zhang Yimou of the G20 summit of theatrical performances, and CG holographic projection of the Rio Olympics – the last 8 minutes of a sensation in the world of show, show the potential application of holographic projection technology strong. According to analysts, because Apple Corp rarely like Samsung and other companies to update its technology, iPhone7 estimates will not make