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Watch Du Mingyang assists Augusto headed home security 1-0 Jianye – Sohu sports Beijing time on October 30, 2016 night at 19:35, the 2016 Super League season, the thirtieth round of the eight games at the same time a war. As the last round of the season, the Beijing Team Guoan home court in Henan Jianye team challenge. Thirty-eighth minutes, Guoan get frontcourt place kick opportunity, tactical ball out, Du Mingyang left plagioclase spread in front of Augusto header, the ball went into the net, 1-0! Beijing national security team leader. Beijing Guoan list (4-5-1): 22- Yang Zhi; 3- Li Lei, 2- Crimee Mainz, 30- ray dragon, 31- Zhao Hejing; 16- Du Mingyang, 5- Ralph, 21- Augusto, 7- Zhang Chiming and 28- Zhang Chengdong; 17- IL maz subs: 6- Zhang Xiaobin, 13- Xu Yunlong, 15- Geyev, 20- 23-, Zhang Xinxin Schell Yang transport, 24- Li Hanbo, 25- Hou Sen of Henan Jianye team line-up (5-4-1): 12- Wang Guoming; 7- Samardzic, 13- Gu Cao, 15- 5-, Abramovich force McGowan, 16- Yang Kuo; hard 22- (28 ‘, 25- Chen Hao), 30-, 6-, 10- Jinbao bell Feng Zhuoyi 9- Javier, Ivo; subs: 2- long 17-, 20-, 23-, Wu? Osman Wang Fei, 24- Zhang Shuai, 25- 27- Lu Yao, Chen Hao相关的主题文章:

He is the biggest winner Manchester United let Mourinho down Rooney is sentenced to death-wegener肉芽肿

The biggest winner Manchester United let Mourinho down Rooney is sentenced to death is more and more trust him Mourinho Mata sina sports news Rooney new season first to sit on the bench, but the Old Trafford fans might not miss him. Because he played 10 instead of a Mata, with more than 70 thousand showed complete conquest of the Old Trafford Reds fans, when he changed at the end, the fans in the audience standing ovation, even Mourinho are specially in the side with Mata five. Mata Mourinho didn’t look up 3 years ago, after 3 years seems to have become their luck, sometimes life is really wonderful! The horse, Taxin season first played on the 10 episode no.. This is a familiar and unfamiliar position for him, because he was familiar with the Chelsea fame, played as an attacking midfielder; strange because of the past two seasons, Mata under Van Gaal more kick right winger. The first few games of the season, Mourinho made a few games Mata starting position, is right, this time let Mata as number 10, said before the game before BBC who also slightly questioned: "Mata still feel this position?" A wonderful goal of Mata but all this worry is unnecessary, tonight Mata in 10 on the night peak. "Mirror", said: "Mata seems to be back to the era of Chelsea." Yes, Mata was active in the frontal position, there are several united offensive threats are associated with him. Thirty-seventh minutes, Mata instigated offensive first he passed the ball to the edge of the box pick the ball to the bogeba, then cross the England winger lingard, knock, Mata with volley. From the launch to the end of the attack, Mata completed the perfect. Look from the slow motion, after Mata in the ball to Pogba, quickly move, to grab the position inside the area, eventually appear in the pass line of Lin Jiade, which is totally Mata outstanding consciousness, reflects the high ball quotient. BBC is talking about the ball, said: Mata in the mind, it seems that the whole process has been the goal of the whole process, in fact, he did it, his brain turned very fast." Indeed, a score is enough to prove that the horse Tachao high ball. Blinder left corner, Mata Mata in ball, this can choose their own hit the door, but when he found a better location of the rush, when he decisively chose again a England teenager easily into Buddhism, lock the victory for Manchester united. It should be said that Mata in 3 minutes of the 1 pass 1 shots for the game set the tone. But this is only a part of Mata Mata’s performance, the game is like a never run undead warriors, became United’s perpetual motion. According to OPTA statistics, Mata audience running up to 11040 meters, the most running for United players, and to know the horse before the tower has been criticized for the lack of running, this change is sufficient to Spanish star attitude. Don’t forget, Mata played only 87 minutes and didn’t play the whole game, and it would have been a little bit more than a full 90 minutes. In eighty-seventh minutes, Mourinho chose to use the Ashley – yang to change the Mata, but it did)相关的主题文章:

College Students’ slow employment need more tolerance and understanding-demonophobia

College students "slow employment" need more tolerance and understanding society should choose "slow employment" of students to give more understanding and tolerance, choose their own personality growth path to create more free space and environment for students. Recently, campus recruitment will usher in the peak period. Data show that there will be an estimated 10 million graduates compete for limited jobs. However, some people do not worry about employment, but the choice of temporary travel, accompany their parents to understand the market, etc., as a slow employment". Slow employment in the country is still relatively fresh, but in foreign countries is far from anything new. The foreign students graduating from University, many choose between ", which is not immediately after graduation employment, but to do what you want to do, for example, to travel abroad, to participate in volunteer activities, so as to increase knowledge, improve social experience, make thinking and choosing better for your next life. This "gap year", help college students to better understand the society, to understand themselves, really understand what they want to do in the future. There are a lot of problems, in the books and the classroom can not find the answer, especially our life choices. Graduated from college, the choice is not just to do a job, to which unit, in fact, is to choose their own life value, attitude to life. "Gap year", can give students time and the right environment to seriously think about these problems. In recent years, the concept of "gap year" has also entered China’s colleges and universities, some students choose to graduate after the slow employment, travel, volunteer activities. Generally speaking, the social acceptance of "slow employment" is not high. The main reason is the social existence more utilitarian view of talent cultivation, emphasizing the "early talent", "fast growing", public opinion and the unit of "slow employment" misunderstanding, think "slow employment" is a waste of time and work, "slow employment" is one of the students have the capacity, can not find a job. At the same time, our country’s education management system and the employment service of college students are not in line with the "slow employment". Choose "interval" and "slow employment" students have great courage. Many parents also want their children to graduate earlier, why should "white" wasted this year? The media also pay special attention to a twelve year old college student at the age of 20, just received a doctor’s degree and so on. In fact, a student’s growth, not only at the speed of its growth, and to see whether the road go at ease, always in the campus student, probably due to lack of awareness and understanding of the society, and do not know their own direction, confused. Before work, spend a period of time to contact the community, to understand the community, to understand and improve themselves, you can better identify the direction of their own life development, not to be confused about the future. Now the university graduates, a considerable part of the university last year, are used to find a job, even if the wall, also not good to reflect on their own, including how to locate, how to improve their own ability, blindly running the talent market. Although many students find a job, but after work, but found that the work is not suitable for themselves, which is not able to know their own sake. It is not only necessary for the graduates to be able to achieve a smooth employment.相关的主题文章:

On the eve of the Spring Festival Gala on Silicon Valley – Science and technology science and techno-darren hayes

On the eve of the Spring Festival Gala on Silicon Valley science and technology science and technology Sohu – live [Live] the following excerpts from the wind in your hair, sitting in the second row of the inverse of the location of the window, pretending to inadvertently pulled out a mobile phone, look at the time. Remember when you had the first iPhone to force the mood! Source: "in the next version of" what do you want from the 2007 Apple released the first iPhone, opened the new world of intelligent mobile phone door for us now to release iPhone 7, groundless talk has gone through 9 years. Stay up late to watch the conference, not only on the powder, is a global event like the Spring Festival general Tucao for many of us! The comparison of iPhone before the broadcast technology Sohu invited Chi things founder Mr. Zhang Guoren, and the Sohu technology Oprah Chen Dingding and our mysterious female guests Keira, former Silicon Valley VC to talk to us about those apples. Indians will occupy Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley is full of curry India is a bilingual country, even if India English ugly, but after all, is the native language, or is more easily accepted in the United states. Indians are also very good at communicating with others, in order to achieve the purpose. In contrast, the Chinese people are not good at the character, culture is more moderate, often only focus on technology and ignore the communication with people. India in the future will certainly be a number of domestic unicorn, because foreign companies to enter India or there are many restrictions. For example, there is a policy is to sell products to more than 50% of the parts are produced in India. When the apple store to enter India, but also spent a lot of effort, so that the government to relax the policy before entering the local market in India. In recent years, the proportion of Indians in Silicon Valley is getting higher and higher, it may be a lot of people will have such a question, this phenomenon is not because India employees are very cheap? Keira beauty to share their own experience in Silicon Valley is really a lot of Companies in the United States to play the phone, many of them even to the customer service in India. This can reduce costs through overseas connections. Moreover, the Indians are basically universal learning IT. In addition, the Indians also love hold together, do executives will pull a lot of people in the company. In contrast, the Chinese people are more independent, they come in just fine, lack of compatriots awareness. So you can feel a strong smell of curry in Silicon Valley. Which is the best place to eat in Silicon Valley? Google is well known, Google canteen is very good, especially in India and Chinese food, because China and india. Later, because people often come over to visit, rub the cafeteria, the number of too many out of a small accident, Google also cut a few employees. From the canteen food ranking, Google must beat the pack, especially India cuisine is very delicious. In contrast, to experience the culture of Apple and Google, Facebook relatively relaxed atmosphere of the company is completely different. Apple has rigorous and subtle Hard Suits Inc, the overall bias technology, the future is more.相关的主题文章:

Show Luo concert tour 2016 grand opening of the opening ceremony of the Zhengzhou Railway Station-magicq

Show Luo 2016 concert tour Zhengzhou Railway Station opening ceremony of grand opening ceremony billing Asian dance king Show Luo 2016 "CRAZY WORLD" World Tour Concert in Zhengzhou for the first time! In October 13th, the concert in the opening ceremony of the conference hall Yasuhiro Vincent International Hotel Grand curtain, detonated fans carnival. Less than two in the afternoon, fans arrived at the scene early, anxiously waiting for the start of the event. According to organizers, the opening ceremony in order to satisfy the wish of the majority of fans, interactive forms in the opening ceremony of the same abandon, fans of the classic repertoire of Show Luo interpretation of special form to express the fans love for pigs. The opening ceremony of the scene, Henan Huayu Baina International Culture Media Co. Ltd. executive general manager Mr. Luo Shengjia delivered a speech, in concert one month countdown to the occasion, expressed his expectation and confidence of the project. He said: "Henan China Entertainment Baina International Culture Media Co. Ltd as the concert organizers, we have absolute confidence to turn in a satisfactory answer. In the cultural industry, the performance of the concert and cultural performances are the strongest, and the market is very strong. At present, the country is actively implementing the strategy of cultural power. The quality of the singer to bring the influence is far more than an unforgettable audio-visual experience, but also led by the artists together to build up the possibility of infinite energy and magnetic field". The scene in the opening ceremony, the organizers on behalf of Mr. Zhang Yong, chairman of the Henan China International Culture Media Co., Ltd. Henan Baina CETV Baina international culture media limited executive director, Ms. Lu Ping Henan Huayu Baina International Culture Media Co. Ltd., Ms. Wang Nan Yasuhiro Vincent International Hotel Marketing Director Mr. Sun Hongbo, Mr. Jiang Peng took office on behalf of the barley ticket jointly inaugurated Show Luo, 2016 "CRAZY WORLD" World Tour officially completed the opening ceremony of the Zhengzhou Railway Station! A wave of sweepstakes, the opening ceremony of the scene. Organizers generously come up with the value of 1680 yuan, 1280, 880, 680 and other different price tickets, as well as the sponsor of the beautiful gifts presented by the arrival of the guests, as a token of gratitude. It is understood that the Show Luo 2016 "CRAZY WORLD" World Tour Zhengzhou Railway Station is scheduled for November 13th, held in Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center, this is Show Luo’s concert in Zhengzhou for the first time, as against the growth of the idol, the arrival of Show Luo, much media attention. Invites you to enjoy live pig topped the "forest dance" trick, experience from abroad 5 "KUKA robot arm" brings a cool charm. Plus 360 degrees full range of panoramic images without dead angle. He used his unique charm, the positive energy to the 2016crazy world world tour Zhengzhou Railway Station, Leo Show Luo would have been like he said as to accomplish each goal: "Show Luo will challenge Show Luo, he always gave his fans a surprise!"相关的主题文章:

Weng Jun do you have an age limit Shu – maternal parenting guru Sohu (video)-hyuna

Weng Jun: do you have an age limit? Shu – Sohu maternal parenting guru lead: many people think anyway, IVF children are a bit late, never mind, IVF has an age limit? Look at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Department of reproductive medicine, how to say. Experts: the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Oji Committee for reproductive medicine kegaonian endowment physician at impotence and premature ejaculation and chronic prostatitis, orchitis, epididymitis, mycoplasma, chlamydia and other diseases do IVF there an age limit? The "master of parenting parenting guru small question: many people think anyway, IVF children are a bit late, never mind, IVF has an age limit? The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Oji Commission doctor: This is the second since the opening, many patients are most concerned about. In the national guidelines for infertility, women’s reproductive age, 35 years of age compared with the age of 25, fertility is down by 50%, at the age of only 25 years old at the age of 25%, only to the age of 5% by the age of 40. So this fall is fast. If couples have fertility requirements and not through natural conception, need of assisted reproductive technology, from a medical point of view, (do assisted reproductive technology is of course) as early as possible. The best conditions don’t drag. Many in the center, the second before opening, assisted reproductive technology is the age limit, after 45 years in general is not done. Some large hospitals in Guangdong, after the age of 40 can not do. Since the child is open now, some center, due to technical improvement, (do assisted reproductive technology) the age of some goes back. But in the industry, we agreed that the success rate of IVF after the age of 45 is very small, of course, do not rule out some cases. Recently, the media reported that the more than and 50 year old children, a 59 year old single mother to do assisted reproductive technology, and finally there is the birth of children. I advise you to expectant parents, if fertility requirements, as soon as possible, don’t delay. How old is the risk? From the perspective of eugenics, advanced maternal age at increased risk, including the risk of miscarriage, dystocia. From the child’s point of view, there will be a lot of genetic diseases, the probability of autism will also increase, as well as some of the child’s congenital disease incidence is also increasing. So the older women ready to give birth, as far as possible to push the time before, don’t push back. That is to race against time. This is the original master [parenting produced, reproduced please indicate the source] 3000 children birth control micro class true feedback, free lottery lottery to get rich gifts random address: Parenting guru, Guangdong province eugenics Association recommended infant collection platform, doctors, hospital of domestic well-known university psychology experts in early childhood education, maternal and child industry elite, for the user pregnancy, education provides find experts, ask the experts, experts see a variety of convenient services, allowing users to quickly access professional, scientific, a targeted guidance, let more parenting!相关的主题文章:

Automatic driving car and continued warming technology companies – Sohu auto close contest-tinyos

Automatic driving car and continued warming technology companies – Sohu automobile Chinese close contest economic news according to Bloomberg, Ford executive chairman Bill (Bill Ford)? Ford recently said, "the future belongs to the Silicon Valley car" hypothesis, we prove that compared in field of automatic driving technology companies slightly weak. Facts have proved that Bill Ford is not joking. At present, the automotive industry has changed a lot around autopilot. Led by Google technology companies are driving the field of automotive autopilot. For now, technology giant apple and Google do not intend to build factories to produce cars, and mainly rely on their own research and development of software. These technology companies are not busy with the production of the vehicle, and thus the dominance of traditional car manufacturers have not yet produced a tilt. Automobile manufacturing is a huge task. Including metal processing and assembly of the vehicle itself is a highly evolved process. The company also integrates millions of code that controls the realization of all functions from radio to radar sensors. "The complexity of all automobile manufacturing is the problem of many Internet Co to enter the automotive industry, Google robotic company, the former head of the TOYOTA Research Institute chief technology officer James (James Kuffner)? Kufner said," although the venture capitalists tell you great benefits, but manufacturing a car is very difficult." According to informed sources, Google co-founder Larry Paige? (Larry Page) said earlier this year in private discussions, he’s the slow progress of the autopilot project worried. Although Google entered the field of auto driving as early as other technology companies, but autopilot has been plagued by Google’s business model. Compared to technology companies, vehicle manufacturers are unwilling to lag behind, is gradually taking a series of measures to move closer to the autopilot. Automakers are investing billions of dollars to develop their own autopilot system. At present, the vehicle manufacturer has realized the vehicle semi automatic driving function, including automatic braking technology and lane keeping technology. If you do not reach the alliance, such as mobile phones and other consumer electronics products, as well as the vehicle manufacturing enterprises to OEM, it will be in the shadow of other cutting-edge technology to gradually lower profits. Bill Ford said: "we don’t want to get into this situation, and we won’t do that." This does not mean that the company did not attempt to cooperate with Silicon Valley. Volvo Uber technology company to provide SUV for testing driverless taxi in Pittsburgh. Fiat Chrysler Google to provide 100 cars for the transformation of the relevant test for the automatic driving car. These collaborations are a sign of greater alliances. "In the end, the old vehicle manufacturers and the automotive industry into the researchers need to gather together," DDT consulting Scott? Colvin (Scott Corwin) said, "no company has to take all the scattered things together." Fear and greed at present, the two industries are mutually相关的主题文章:

2016 Chengdu auto show KIA new kx3 real car (video)-9c8836

The 2016 Chengdu Auto Show Hall probe: KIA new KX3 real car 2016 Chengdu auto show will be officially opened on September 2nd, the team reported in the hall, shooting to Dongfeng Yueda KIA (micro-blog) in advance of the new KX3 real car photos, the new car will be unveiled for the first time in this show. The appearance of the new KX3, the face of change is very obvious, the family type grille with a hexagonal design, the internal use of four banners chrome trim. In addition to the new car on both sides of the front bumper, fog lamps and LED daytime running lights round are designed in the same area, to form a L type, look very fashionable young. The perfect drive of Dongfeng Yueda KIA KX5! The interior, the new KX3 transform is compared with the current model, the whole interior is concise and easy, with a large size control screen, the screen with physical buttons. From our previously learned information, the new console button backlight and atmosphere lamp by adjusting the current model of white to red, and also increased the black and brown interior color collocation. Power, the new KX3 power system is not expected to change, still carrying 1.6L 1.6T 2.0L a total of three engines. In the transmission system with the three engine matching is 6 speed manual, 6 speed automatic and the speed of the dual clutch gearbox.相关的主题文章:

Maison Du Roi, take a look at the king’s home how luxury – Sohu travel-polartec

Maison Du Roi, look at the king’s home has many luxury travel – Li Hongyu Maison Du Roi is a Belgian Sohu by the most magnificent building here, although nominally the Belgian Royal family’s residence, but the king and queen does not live here, and live in the suburbs of the Laeken palace. Maison Du Roi is located next to the National Park in the center of the city, although the king and the queen do not live here, but here is the king’s office and the reception of other heads of state visit. Maison Du Roi has a long history, but in seventeenth Century when the French army had been destroyed, and now see the Maison Du Roi is the end of seventeenth Century to construct, began to put into use until the beginning of the nineteenth Century. Maison Du Roi, like the rest of the Imperial Palace, has a very solemn design and interior decoration of the luxurious atmosphere. The whole palace is mainly composed of marble, filled with different relief sculpture, very spectacular. The interior decoration of the palace, with reference to the Palace of Versailles of France, large murals and crystal lighting can be seen everywhere. The palace is very large, clear function division within the country, has a magnificent banquet hall, VIP reception room environment elegant, with all kinds of precious artwork ornaments, old furniture and fine carpets, impressive. In ancient times, Maison Du Roi is the residence of the king, the king eats office here. At the top of the palace there is a national flag. If the flag does not rise, it means that the king is not in the palace. Boarded the palace, overlooking the old city of Brussels. Brussels has a long history, can be seen everywhere in nineteenth Century eighteen old buildings. In front of the palace, Brussels National Park, the National Palace in the back of the park, which is the headquarters of the Belgian parliament. Travel Raiders came to Belgium, Maison Du Roi is almost impossible to miss. Although the palace is very large, but not all places are open to visit, the entire palace tour from the entrance to the export of a route, along the route can be visited. The entire tour time in 2-4 hours, if you go faster, just less than an hour to go, but it is not interesting. In the palace there is not only good-looking, there are some fun games can be interactive, if you visit, you can pay attention to. Author: Li Hongyu, based in Chongqing, traveler, photographer, hotel sleep tester, the media will roll; scenery, can shoot portraits, manuscripts, about shooting, cooperation please add WeChat @happyness510; I want to know the story of travel please pay attention to the micro-blog @Mr or WeChat public @Mr, Li Hongyu Li Hongyu, welcomed the interactive graphic copyright; all, for sharing or reprint please contact me first invasion.相关的主题文章:

3, 2016 Chinese for live video library all star MVP in Guangzhou (video)-捷安特xtc750

The 3 day live video library 2016 Chinese for all MVP star Yao Guangzhou September 3rd Chinese MVP live video library halo Guangzhou Tencent sports news September 2nd September 3rd Beijing time 2016 China library tour Guangzhou Railway Station activities officially started, the Tencent sports live video will begin at 16:45 on September 3rd, Prince star and pipe will be made to the library for China Vega Guangzhou Railway Station activity commentary reviews. [Enter] between live video biography flag Asia "Chinese for Guangzhou Railway Station Guangzhou Railway Station Curitiba Curitiba visit with Under Armour China, (Andemar) cooperation opens the long-awaited biography flag Asia tour! This time, Curitiba will be at the event and China fans close interaction, share their unique experience and love for basketball. In addition, the library will also bring Under Armour (Andemar)’s new library 2.5 generation limited edition combines elements of Chinese boots, specially designed shoes will be many fans heart good! At the end of Chinese for Shenyang Railway Station after the travel related activities, curry will be officially launched in September 3rd, Guangzhou Railway Station. Then, Curitiba will host the basketball training camp in Guangzhou South China Agricultural University stadium and will then travel to the gymnasium of Guangzhou Asian Games city to participate in the activities of consumers, and meet with the media, the famous actor Chen will serve as the site guests interact and curitiba. Tencent will be sports live video tracking reports Library in Guangzhou, the fans want to know how to have a wonderful performance in the Guangzhou library, please pay attention to sports live video Tencent. All MVP star shine curry is representative of NBA superstar, is of epoch-making significance of the player, his two consecutive season as MVP 2015-16, the season was to become the NBA’s first full MVP. The library in the 2014-15 season 2015-16 season the team led the warriors to win 73 regular season wins to break the record NBA. By virtue of the human imagination beyond the traditional library shooting, peak basketball theory, let three goals to become the most important weapon to attack NBA. The library is subversive, but he is also the most essential basketball defender, he made the basketball back to the most basic technology of shooting on the road, he demonstrated that the good shot is able to NBA this movement talented alliance through out the world’s achievements. The library in the 2015-16 season, averaging 30.1 points and shooting 50.4%, three point shooting 45.4%, hit rate of 90.8%, hit 402 three pointers, the efficiency reaches 31.5, and the averaged efficiency values are first in the league, 402 three pointers is a record high. The library is the perfect play traditional and new skills integration, not everyone is super athletic, but everyone can learn to practice shooting, curry’s rise as young people love basketball are lit the lamp of hope. In September 3rd, China Curitiba for the Guangzhou Railway Station, Tencent sports video broadcast, Be There Or Be Square! (coin) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章:

Harbin nine year old skating 15 years trained A great hawk spreads its wings-twoo是什么网站

Harbin nine year old skating 15 years acquired "life daily news October 9th A great hawk spreads its wings" and over speed skating, sometimes just spin, sometimes to do a "sometimes A great hawk spreads its wings", a "Peacock Flying southeast"…… In Harbin Daoli District Yunhua square, an old man skilled to complete a series of actions. Look, this skill, you can see that he is a nine years old? For this, is 89 year old old man in Xiao, skating for 15 years. 89 year old Xiao in skating. In the old Xiao skating venue only half a football field, but every day he will slip 20 laps here, and frequently used various kinds of action. While over speed skating, while spin, while a small leg "Peacock Flying southeast……" "Daddy, you can rest, I’ll dance with you." The little girl, Yu Xiaofeng, saw him sweating, so he stopped to have a rest. Although there is no musical accompaniment, but father and daughter dance is very beautiful. The old practice according to the old Xiao A great hawk spreads its wings, his hometown in Hunan. 1958, from the army to Harbin, became a teacher. Over the years, he has always insisted on writing brush characters, playing basketball, playing table tennis and long-distance running. 15 years ago, he accidentally found someone skating in the square, on the sports fan. "The first year of skating, because the technology is not skilled, accidentally fell, waist sprain. After months of treatment, rehabilitation." The old man said to howl.相关的主题文章:

Yang Yang vs Tang Yan ten campus CP which is best for – Shandong Channel – People’s network-aquaria

Yang Yang VS Tang Yan   ten campus CP which is best for? Shandong Channel – in recent years, with 80, 90 after generation of farewell campus into the society, TV drama market emerged many memorable moments of love beautiful campus, to recall the youth as the theme of the TV drama works by the audience favorite. Or they have changed since the best-selling novel, or classic TV drama again remake fresh " dazzling screen campus lovers; " full of envy. Today Xiaobian for everyone to take a look at the past few years, the campus is the most beautiful CP…… "Big fight", Chen Douling Zhang Yixing proposed Chinese version "proposal on combat" in Shanghai before the low-key boot, actress Zhang Yixing Chen Douling first appeared in the same box. "Adorable little sheep" collocation "pure small ears" which is a combination of both fresh and strange smells familiar feeling, two people inexperienced with pure clever temperament, once appeared like a fresh wind blowing campus light. Two people of the same boot with clever hand swing photos, fresh style is really adorable tacit and seductive, believe this fresh campus CP, can bring the chemical reaction is very fresh and not artificial to the audience, very looking forward to. "Smile, Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang" very little "why" as adapted from the novel "Gu diffuse slightly", although it is a theme online games coat, is substantially a campus idol. Yang Yang Almighty God "with Zheng Shuang’s" Curve Wrecker campus Belle ", a word not just candy, just do not give a single dog any way out. If this story is too many dreams, please sisters a lot of cool, you know in real life, we can not casually know us in the game! The film was completed by Jing Bairan, Angelababy. ) "energy-saving" Zhong Hanliang, adapted from Tang Yan’s novel of the same name "Gu diffuse energy-saving", has caused much controversy and discussion (the film version by Huang Xiaoming, Yang Mi portrait of interpretation. ). Zhong Hanliang’s overbearing president "feeling deep roots, ten years is still on the first" silly white sweet "Tang Yan. Some people have been moved to splinters, have lamented why his youth did not meet a soulful He Yichen, but some people think Tang Yan’s silly white sweet a bit powerless, will only bring the CP settings are not persuasive. "When we just Zheng Kai, Liu Shishi youth" Zheng Kai and Liu Shishi "in the year of youth" in the US just appeared in a "small rascal" chase "combination of girl", which is also a common set of idol drama, shot well as "fish" as a classic. Unfortunately, this drama’s reputation is not satisfactory, Zheng Kai Liu Shishi from first to last not produce due sparks and CP, the body of the campus atmosphere is not strong, as high school students by the audience Tucao is expected from zhuangnen. "The best" Liu Haoran Tan Songyun ", we are our best" is a campus drama broadcast this year from a high degree of. Starring Liu Haoran Tan Songyun although in popularity than those popular niche artistes, but wins in the young, in the students who don’t)相关的主题文章:

Secrets of the body of the old 13 signals you

Secrets of the body of the old 13 signals you have? Gray hair and wrinkles early is obvious signs of aging. In addition, there are some other interesting signals that are not known. The British "Daily Mail" in September 16th published 13 papers, a signal of body aging many medical experts summed up "". 1 ear nose is bigger and skeletal muscle is different, the ear is composed of soft elastic connective tissue cartilage, will continue to grow with age. Nose will grow longer, feet will grow with age and become wider and wider, some more than and 40 year old shoes every 10 years to increase the size of 1 yards. 2 male becomes sharp, female become heavy Royal National Hospital otolaryngology expert John · Lubin said, about 70 years old, male cartilage becomes thinner, vocal stability is poor, the voice will become more sharp (high frequency). After menopause, estrogen deficiency, vocal cord swelling, voice becomes more heavy. Experts said, to avoid shouting and other damage to the vocal cords of the bad habits of the vocal cords have a protective effect. 3 weight British Cardiovascular epidemiologists David · Dr. Ashton said, after over 50 years of age, an annual increase of 0.9~1.4 kg weight. Often do some small intensity of weight lifting or squat, help maintain muscle strength, prevent weight gain too fast. 4 frequent sneezing allergy UK Association Kean · Ames Dr. Berlin said that the British study found that in the 45~65 age group, there are at least 4 million allergic rhinitis patients. Allergies are a major cause of aging. 5 of nevi increased British dermatologist tubby · Dr. Leslie said, after the age of 40, accelerated aging, seborrheic keratosis (senile plaques). Experts said that if these moles or skin pigmentation abnormal or bleeding, must see a doctor. 6 teeth grow in Lancashire England Dean John · University School of Dentistry; Dr. Kolingen said, gingival atrophy began from the age of 40, teeth look than the young to increase the length of about 0.6 cm. London dental cosmetology center expert morvian · deroin said, thorough brushing and flossing helps prevent gingival atrophy. But brushing too hard is counterproductive. 7 waking headache at King’s College London headache research expert Andy · Dr. Dawson said, after a few hours of sleep or taking a nap is one of the symptoms of headache after aging. 60 people over the age of "sleep headache" for back pain. Experts said, paracetamol and other conventional painkillers help alleviate headache. 8 more likely to be drunk chemist Stephen · Forster said, the older the more drunk. The reason is that the ability of the liver to metabolize alcohol decreases with age, and the time it takes for the kidneys to break down alcohol is longer. 9 female cervical vein revealed London Levi Sharm vascular surgery experts Addie · District Hospital; Challoner said that women appear is aging neck blood signal. Due to osteoporosis and other aging reasons, women will become shorter, neck parts will also be shortened, resulting in large blood vessels in the neck all hair.相关的主题文章: