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12 strong match China 0:1 Syria national foot, I’m sorry, micro-blog was the brush version – Sohu news and lost the national football. So in the foot every year with a series of "sorry" micro-blog, another automatic top…… June 2013, the national foot warm-up match 1 to 2 lost to Uzbekistan, the official micro-blog subsequently released the following words: "I’m sorry," I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. "." Unexpectedly, the micro-blog test is timeless, and worth the time. In 3 years, every few months, fans from the country foot micro-blog found in it, or sad or pleased to comment forwarded. Winning "no matter" "forgive you"; of course, most of the second, you know. If you have to add a time limit to this sentence, it will be unlimited…… Yesterday (October 6th) evening to 0:1 country after losing to Syria, the fans once again find the micro-blog skillfully, all kinds of iron into steel: never mind, you give a gift — a war-torn country’s most important hope. So when are you going to do what’s the top without limitation of micro-blog? Every time the fans have to turn around micro-blog is very hard…… In this public opinion boiling time, the country has also made a good enough to thank the fans of the micro-blog: you have, we can face the failure, frustration we can overcome". There is no doubt that this is to scold…… This time the country lost to Syria, not only disappointed users, the major media can not see. People’s daily night bursts of two micro-blog Orangemen Orangemen Tucao: ah, what to say ah!" "Fans, take care of yourself!" City Express today’s headlines are: I’m sorry, big holiday, the country has come to block the tim…… JINGWAH times: National foot home defeat the weakest opponent, Syria, really weak, God is crying…… Southern Metropolis Daily is to say the aspirations of the majority of fans: to be honest, we have been tolerant of the country for a long time.相关的主题文章: