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138 yuan can eat lobster packages in the capital, late no Sohu as a tourist travel agent, I found the Miss Jen to teach you how to correctly open a good weekend in Beijing Style. A weekend of autumn, Jen helped me booked a suite in Beijing on this trip to the hotel Hotel Jen, and tell me candidly, this room is open: "Beijing Style a great weekend all the key!" What? Beijing East todaytrip Hotel Hotel Jen is now launched an exciting for travelers to explore the local accommodation packages — # # just say goodbye to boring, night of RMB 838 yuan, a rickshaw, feel the old Beijing local customs and practices, stroll when Ci Xi love Yandaixiejie, taste around Houhai bar in music. The hustle and bustle of the city of Beijing, do not feel like peace. At the same time, can also visit local residents together, talk about family, experience the most simple life of the people, listen to the old Beijing native accent. Sleep in the eastern city of Victoria, I too will play at the VIP Club Executive Suite, with 66 square meters of large space, the window is the East Fourth Ring Road, beautiful scenery, day and night, unforgettable scenery can have a panoramic view, special services but also can enjoy the VIP lounge. En suite bathrooms, supporting independent shower, use the L’OCCITANE full bath products, for this set of Bang Bang Da bath products, you deserve to be washed several times! The multimedia system has a more humane care, in addition to a personalized welcome screen, can also demand the latest Hollywood movies, with high fidelity audio system, that is the feeling of home theater is no exaggeration. 138 yuan to eat a lobster dinner, you eat or not? Speaking of eating, there are two excellent restaurants in Beijing on this trip to the hotel, restaurant and house are fragrant coffee restaurant. Every time I come to the house, always want to advance, why? Because his family’s two self-help packages can be said to be the city’s most cost-effective food packages, respectively, for the $98 dim sum buffet and $138 lobster packages. This time I chose to eat lobster packages, hooked! Then, heavy activity concentrated coffee restaurant is now in the sea launched big stomach king Chaoai buffet two people a free single. However, if you are a strong coffee, I suggest you try a Malay cuisine, because Western food from Malaysia, Penang, the Southeast Asian dishes produced authentic! I have ordered Laksa and fried, and this? I eat in Malaysia flavor completely consistent, can be said to ifheavier! Listen to the rickshaw McCain Hutong Culture finally, is also a key to open the Beijing Style for the weekend! Now # farewell guest # boring package, you can enjoy 1 hour rickshaw Hutong tour around Shichahai! To understand the Hutong rickshaw is very important. Because in the old Beijing alley, you will always meet them. Clank clank of copper rings, then people began to talk about "the old north.相关的主题文章: