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"13th Five-Year" Gansu province food and drug administration standardization construction to reach 100%– Gansu channel — people.com.cn original title: "13th Five-Year" Gansu province food and drug administration standardization construction to reach 100% days before the office of the Gansu provincial government issued the "Gansu province" 13th Five-Year "food and drug safety plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). Planning pointed out that the province’s basic food and drug regulatory agencies to achieve standardization of 100%. Provincial, city, county, township (street) four basic standards of regulatory infrastructure, law enforcement equipment equipped with basic standardization. The establishment of provincial, city and county level three food production inspectors team. Strengthen food and drug inspection and testing capabilities. Fully completed 2 provincial, municipal and 68 county-level food and drug testing and construction projects in the 14. Increase the level of integration of food inspection and testing resources, and promote the standardization of food and drug testing agencies. To increase grassroots food and drug supervision room for rapid detection of standardization construction, formed in the city state inspection agencies as the center, the inspection agency distribution, comprehensive, hierarchical detection system for rapid detection of Township food supplement. The market of edible agricultural products in 100% large and medium-sized farmers market supervision, and supermarkets 100% room establishment of rapid detection of edible agricultural products; food production units the rate reached 100%; food safety sampling of 4 batches of 1000, sampling pass rate of 98%; food production and business units of credit rating, "external" and "negative list management coverage rate reached 100%, the" sunshine operation "and" transparent workshop "," sunshine storage "and" Ming Liang kitchen stove "coverage rate reached 100%, the food safety traceability platform added rate and application rate," electronic pass a vote for the rate reached more than 95%. Accelerate the upgrading of pharmaceutical standards and technological transformation. The province’s pharmaceutical production enterprises 100% to establish a standardized quality control laboratory, Chinese herbal medicine production enterprises to establish genuine sample room 100%. Drug production enterprises in the province retained sample rate, the sample rate of raw materials to 100%. Drug evaluation sampling, the sampling rate of all kinds of basic drug coverage reached 100%. Adverse drug reaction monitoring analysis, early warning ability to enhance. Reporter (reporter Zhao Wanshan Zhou Wanting, commissioning editor: Gao Xiang)相关的主题文章: