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2017 national college entrance examination syllabus released: 7 subjects content adjustment original title: college entrance examination next year, please note 7 subjects content adjustment yesterday, reporters learned from the municipal education examination, the examination center of the Ministry of Education recently issued "on the 2017 common entrance exam exam outline amendment notice", released in 2017. Common entrance examination amendments. From the point of view, the 9 disciplines, in addition to English, political content unchanged, the examination of the other 7 subjects have been adjusted. Yesterday, the Chongqing senior teachers, Yucai Middle School Chinese group preparing the team leader Liu Dongmei said, on the whole, although she has changed, but the overall stability, the revised syllabus, actually optimize the content of the examination, can more objectively examine the ability of subject, the selection of personnel. Liu Dongmei said, from several subjects adjustment point of view, the main changes from the content, the first is the deletion of the elective module, let the students relaxed. Some of the past into the compulsory elective module, so that the students’ choice is difficult to avoid. Secondly, from the demand point of view, focusing on the requirements of the subject ability. Chinese discipline, the revised syllabus changes, she suggested that candidates should strengthen the training of thinking, logical thinking ability and thinking ability. At the same time improve the reading and writing speed, "2 elective module provisions of the current syllabus respectively" literature text reading "and" practical text reading ", students are required to choose 1 answers from two selected questions, and revised the two modules have become compulsory." At the speed behind, reflects the thinking agility, candidates need to very familiar with the knowledge, to Practice makes perfect. Therefore, candidates should strengthen the concept of time, when the proposal to do regular quantitative, complete. Pay close attention to the current news, read the news and newspapers in time, maintain the sensitivity to the social reality, and strengthen the accumulation of traditional culture, such as ancient poetry, ancient cultural knowledge. Liu Dongmei said, students and parents in the face of this change, to believe that the teacher will take the scientific examination strategy, maintaining the status quo. "No matter how it changes, it is necessary to examine the necessary knowledge, the key competencies, academic literacy, grasp the ‘four points’. These are done, you can cope with the numerous changes in the test questions, and actively respond to a calm state of mind, to abandon the blind panic." The 2 modules of elective compulsory variable 2017 syllabus, "literature text reading" and "practical text reading" before the examination into the compulsory content. In the "ancient poetry reading" part of the "understanding and grasp the common knowledge of ancient culture" test content. The mathematics reduction test "geometric proof" selecting the current exam outline 3 elective module by deleting "geometric proof" selecting, content and scope of the remaining 2 elective modules are the same, the candidates from the "coordinate system and the parameter equation" and "inequality" selecting 2 modules: select 1 questions. Remove the 3 elective module history revised syllabus to delete the selected test modules "modern social democratic theory and practice" and "exploring the history of mystery" and "collection of world cultural heritage", the remaining 3 elective module content and scope are the same, the candidates from the 3 module select 1 questions. Geographical reduction of 1相关的主题文章: