28 minor Ni Ni hand Wallace Huo 17 years old girl like this makeup ravbin

"28 minor" Ni Ni hand Wallace Huo 17 years old girl like this makeup lead: starring Ni Ni, Wallace Huo, Ma Su, Wang, the fantasy romantic comedy "28 year old" minor "ban has released the first version of the old version of the role of the poster. The light is to see Ni Ni first partner Wallace Huo already can’t wait to see the film! (source PClady) 28 minor high-energy switching Ni Ni at the age of 17 and 28 years old style, "life" Wallace Huo and "Pi handsome male god Wang Dalu’s heart full play, the poster highlights the role of the declaration of more aggressive and momentum. Ni Ni first partner veteran Wallace Huo, the 28 year old opposition and the minor general sense, highlighting the intriguing vitality of attitude, style or Hin good ~ Ni Ni "girl" Ni Ni chops for Zhang at the end of the novel, she will be 28 years old "minor" is defined as "a let their rapid the growth of the film, can be a horn size in a cool summer on both sides of the interpretation of the most incisive is none other than the non Ni ni! Fishbone has with adorable animal hair, will be 17 years old when the small cool summer the sense of joy, the personality of all the performance out of lead a fast. Ni Ni simple eye makeup, only highlight the refreshing eyelashes and eye liner, three-dimensional facial features with mauve lipstick to enhance the overall look, the little girl just graduated from the evolution of the career woman, Ni Ni took a long hair will make you feel completely different style. Ni Ni cold summer elegant makeup draw 28 charming gesture, gentle synophrys into curling eyelashes, the mature woman elegant all outstanding. Different style fully demonstrates the collision of two ages, 17 year old and 28 year old mature innocent touching on that Ni Nizhen is gorgeous ~ Ma Su Ma Su as the white bestie Ni Ni Xiao Ning, is a lively and lovely "witch", wearing a witch like decorative decoration, with mysterious smile like Monalisa, as can a second fortune have a keen insight into matters. It seems madajie skill funny really amazing ah! Ma Su rose red hair band it was ok? So lovely "shenpo" is not less decorative decoration. Clean makeup and high light effect will be Ma Su’s three-dimensional small V face modification was more delicate, brown synophrys opened the eyes you see this spacing, the magnifying glass is like many seriously. Ma Su is Ma Su following the "Mi month biography" villain madam Wei, once again subvert the challenge, the interpretation of "mysterious Tokebis bucktooth" dog style with a bang bangs face than white big buckteeth, madajie or perfect hold live, have no sense of violation. Wallace Huo Wallace Huo, a pair of eyes firm, in Western dress and leather shoes, life style. For a long time did not see the old cadres of the modern makeup drama, the first time the goddess of God to cooperate with the interpretation of a "17 year old memory" and "the body of the year" between the fierce collision of the soul of love, the high value of CP people look forward to. Behavior between elite temperament is also considered "cat belong to him". Her sister, Wallace Huo spree big back head hair is no violation and the Wallace Huo in the body, all the hair comb to the head.相关的主题文章: