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3 men were on their way home a dozen people chase 1 people died and 2 people – three male Sohu news Brokeback Zhanjiang Suixi County riding a motorcycle on his way home was cut, causing 1 dead 2 injured cases, through the joint efforts of the two grade detective department in Zhanjiang city and county, has made a major breakthrough. Today (13) morning, Zhanjiang dispatched hundreds of police to Suixi County Le min Zhen Bu tou Cun, the implementation of this appalling murder hunt for manufacturing suspect. To Guangzhou Daily reporter at noon time, hunting continues, more than the suspect arrested. This terrible murder happened in the February 10th new year at around 11 pm, the site is located near the Guangdong Zhanjiang Suixi County Le min Zhen Dun Wen Nan road. Cut the dead is a secondary school students it is understood that the 3 men being attacked is Suixi County Le min Zhen Diao Shen village. Among them, a man named Ou Guoxing was hacked to death on the spot, only 17 years old, Guangdong (Guangzhou Conghua) of Chinese college students, his left neck was cut in a knife wound about 10 cm long, deep cervical bone, ipsilateral carotid artery rupture, a knife wound in the left parietal long 15 cm. Deep skull, Qi hands wrist was cut off, extremely cruel means; the other 2 injured were called Huang Lihua (male, 20 years old) and Huang Rongzhi, the two man’s arm was cut off, is currently in Zhanjiang city hospital. Ou Guoxing three is the third day of new year night from about 4 kilometers away from the village of Suixi Le Minwei attended the reunion, at around 11 pm after riding motorcycle metality village village quay returned home, in the south of the intersection Lok town pier was more than 10 men wearing masks to intercept and chase the knife. In February 11th 12, the Guangzhou Daily has in the new media and the Pearl River Delta News Edition to "Zhanjiang three men riding a motorcycle on the way home was cut 1 dead and 2 injured on February 10th" title, the third day at around 11 pm in Suixi County Lok Town Pier South of the intersection of the major case reports, has aroused strong repercussions in the community Province, city, and county public security departments attach great importance to this terrible tragedy. The provincial public security department leaders were given instructions immediately after the case, Zhanjiang rapid detection. Subsequently, Cheng Jin deputy director of Public Security Bureau in charge of the criminal investigation work in Zhanjiang City, led the task force composed of elite forces stationed in Le min quickly, all through the night to start the investigation. After several efforts, the police finally locked the suspect. The suspect quickly arrested, after careful deployment, today (13) morning, hundreds of police officers from Zhanjiang, Suixi two public security, armed police, border guards, police department deployed to, with armed police dogs, rushed to the Suixi County Le min Zhen Bu tou Cun, the implementation of large rounded to hide in the village the suspect. To Guangzhou Daily reporter at noon (13) time, round up is still in progress. The police said, currently there are more than the suspect arrested, as the case, remain to be investigated. Guangzhou daily Zhanjiang news reporter Guan Jiayu

3名男子返家途中遭十余人追砍 1人死亡2人断臂-搜狐新闻  湛 江遂溪县三男骑摩托返家途中被砍,致1死2重伤案件,经湛江市、县两级公案部门的共同努力,已取得了重大突破。今天(13日)上午,湛江出动数百警力开赴 遂溪县乐民镇埠头村,对制造这一骇人血案的疑凶实施围捕。至广州日报记者中午发稿时,围捕仍在持续,已有多名涉案疑凶落网。   这起骇人血案发生在2月10日大年初三晚上11时左右,事发地点位于广东湛江遂溪县乐民镇墩文南路口附近。   被砍死者是个中专生   据了解,3名遇袭男子是遂溪县乐民镇调神村 人。其中,被当场砍死的一个叫欧国兴,年仅17岁,是广东(广州从化)华夏学院的学生,他的左颈部被砍中一刀,伤口长约10公分,深可见颈椎骨,同侧颈动 脉断裂,左颅顶的一刀伤口长15公分,深见颅骨,两手齐腕关节被砍断,手段极其残忍;另2名伤者分别叫黄黎华(男,20岁)和黄荣植,二人的手臂也被砍 断,目前正在湛江市区的医院接受治疗。   欧国兴等三人是大年初三晚从距村约4公里的遂溪乐民圩参加完同学聚会后,于晚上11时左右骑乘摩托经埠头村返回调神村家中时,在乐民镇墩文南路口遭10多名戴口罩男子持长刀拦截并追砍的。   2月11日和12日,广州日报先后在新媒体和 珠三角新闻版以《湛江三男骑摩托返家途中被砍 1死2重伤》为题,对2月10日大年初三晚上11时左右发生在遂溪县乐民镇墩文南路口重大血案进行报道,在社会引起了强烈反响,省、市、县公安部门对这起 骇人惨案予以高度重视。省公安厅有关领导惊悉案件后,立即作出批示,要求湛江迅速破案。   随后,湛江市公安局主管刑侦工作的副局长程进,迅速率领由精干力量组成的专案组进驻乐民,通宵达旦展开侦查。几经努力,警方最终“锁定”了涉案疑凶。   为将疑凶迅速缉拿归案,经周密布署,今天(13日)上午,从湛江、遂溪两级公安、边防、武警、特警部门抽调而来的数百名警力,带上警犬,全副武装奔赴遂溪县乐民镇埠头村,对藏匿在该村的涉案疑凶实施大围捕。   至广州日报记者今天中午(13日)发稿时,围捕仍在进行中。现场一警员称,目前已有多名涉案疑凶落网,至于案件原因,仍有待调查。   广州日报湛江讯 记者 关家玉相关的主题文章: