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Sports-and-Recreation Within this special page I’m going to share some exercises you can use to lose your man boobs. I know how embarassing and the pain you feel as you walk around with your pecs looking more like females breasts. I have included 3 powerful exercises you can do and options you can use to reduce the size of your man boobs. You just have to commit to the methods described below if you want the actual results you are looking for. Remember that you are going to have to put in time and energy and sacrafice to reduce the size of your male breasts and decrease them. Exercises to lose man boobs – cardio – Cardio is the most important thing you can do to lose your man boobs. This is because when you do cardio exercise you are actually burning fat tissue. And fat tissue is what your man breasts consist of. If you don’t do the cardio exercising any chest or muscle exercises you do won’t help the look of your chest, but will actually make it look worse. You see the muscles in your pecs will build up, pushing your chest out more which means: more bitch tits. You want your cardio to be within 80% of your heart rate and you want to go long and hard preferably for an hour of cardio a day for five days a week to lose your weight quicker. Exercises to lose man boobs – Push Ups – Once you have lowered the fat levels on your chest and your muscles are starting to show through your going to have to work on your pec muscle development. Now what I like about push ups is that you can do them anywhere at any time and you don’t need any fancy gym membership. Another good thing about push ups is that it develops your arms and shoulders as well, giving you a v shape. Basically do pushups in the morning and at night, slowly work up your endurance and go as long as you can. Exercises to lose man boobs – Bench Press – If you already own a gym pass, one of the best exercises you will find is the bench press. You want to lay flat on a bench and press 75% of what you are capable of lifting up into the air and back down. To get the chest development you want, follow this strategy to make your chest bigger and thicker. It will give your chest the appearance of being flatter and harder and more muscular. So do bench press exercises often and the different variations there are of doing them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: