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5300 years ago the trend of fashion – Fashion restoration: scientists — people.com.cn bronze age human original title: 5300 years ago the trend: scientists restoration of bronze age human fashion according to the American media reported "Motherboard", it is said that the fashion is cyclical, that is to say the old style will inevitably in a new generation has become a trend. But if you want to explore a fashion trend of the original shape, so people leading fashion to further study is not only in 1980s or 1960s fashion hippie costume. Why not let us across time and space, over the jazz age, the bronze age came to 5300 years ago? Now I will introduce the life in 3300 BC Oates tal Alps mountain glaciers "Iceman Oates" (Tzi The? Iceman) to create the fashion style, this is the latest and most fashionable style in ancient books. The Iceman is Oates for the first time in 1991 by the tourists found in Europe, is the oldest known natural form of mummies, and also since the bronze age has been preserved as one of the most delicate human specimen. Today, the "Scientific Reports" Journal of the latest report to restore the details of Oates’s clothing. Sheep skin loincloth and suede pants, made by a bear with fluffy collocation hat, deerskin quiver, rope backpack and hay material shoes, and weapons, tools and large tattoos are also considered to be true. A suit is used a combination of various material hidden mystery from the University College of Dublin archaeologist Ron Pinhasi is one of the participants in the new study, he said that through the analysis of the full range of DNA from clothes, they found the Iceman is very picky about their clothing is. Pinhasi said in an interview with the British "Guardian" interview: "in my opinion, to correctly select the Iceman many different materials from different animal to produce clothing, skilled." In fact, the new study also uncovered new details about Oates’s fashion sense, such as the Oates quiver based on the Eurasian Forest deer skin. The integration of domestic and wild animal elements in costume in practice so that the people of the bronze age clothing creation and function raises questions. Researchers find tools and weapons from Oates’s use of. (website screenshot) the new report pointed out: "the Iceman’s clothing and quiver based on at least five kinds of animal coat, only on the use of at least four pieces of animal skin, and the skin is based on two different animal: goat and sheep. The results of such studies seem to indicate that the original leather will quickly degenerate after processing, so the Iceman will own the material can be freely used in sewing clothes for maintaining." The researchers said in the report: "the Iceman tights from goatskin suede, however, this material is used in a Schnid found in Switzerland)相关的主题文章: