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The Credit for this financial year will hold cuse on the possible direction of interest rates. Finance and affordability are the key factors now for prospective homebuyers to base their decision-making on. The Credit policy of the financial year- 2012-13- is scheduled to be announced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI ) next week on Tuesday. The property industry and prospective buyers alike are awaiting the announcement on the direction of the home loan interest rates. A large number of prospective homebuyers who have been waiting in the wings for some softening in the home loan interest rates will be keep on making a move on with so many options backing them across all micro markets in the city . Developers too are taken on pushing some inventory off the shelves with more large parcels set to open up for development in the suburbs with the numerous commercial belts- Information Technologies Investments Regional, Hardware Park, industrial zones etc- on the anvil. The ensuing demand for housing will fuel more projects in the suburb. Infrastructure augurs well for realty The development of arterial roads and highways has come as a boon for developers who have banked land parcels in the suburbs. The express-way to Devanahalli is an example with large-scale integrated development happening all along the route. The commercial projects in the vicinity of the expressways across the city will fuel demand for housing close by given the convenience. Movement of existing inventory will mean a buoyant market in the medium term for developers to tap, with an upward bias on prices. Indications of softening in monetary policy So, this Credit policy could turune into a benchmark the industry and naturally, is keenly awaited. With the hard stance of the RBI indicating an effect on the information rate, and need to stimulate credit off-take and growth, there are hopes of some softening in this years outlook. The recent reduction in the cash reserve ratio ( CRR ) from 5.5 percent to 4.75 percent, thereby releasing Rs 48,000 crores into the banking system is a welcome indication of things to come, and has raised hopes in the industry. Move early for good deal A key issue for prospective homebuyers is picking the ideal time to buy property. Many wait for a cooling down in interest rates. And some even wait hoping for a correction in property price. The points are, will these two factors coincide to make it the ideal time to buy property? The chances of timing the market to such perfection are remote. A drop in interest rate will spur buyers into action, leading to an uptrend in property price, fuelled by the increasing demand. It is therefore better to move ahead of the market if anything. Coming back to the credit policy, the relevant aspect is the outlook on the possible course of interest rates over the medium term. A home loan is a long term commitment and there bound to be cyclical phase of interest rate movements through any tuner. It is there for ideal to enter at the beginning of a downtrend in interest rates and make maximum use of the low interest rate phase when the interest component of a loan repayment is high. Growth parameters relevant The macroeconomic factors are becoming increasingly relevant for home loan applicants. The inflation rate has been a significant factor prompting the tough stand taken by the RBI on the monetary policy in the recent years. The double-digit inflation rate, believed to be consumption-driven, warranted a squeeze on liquidity and hence the successive hardening in key policy rates through Credit policy reviews. It is therefore one of the major factor home loan applicants need to track in the coming quarters. Another significant factor is the growth rate and expected growth in income levels-business turnover or salary. With an easing in the monetary policy with the aim of simulating growth, and consequently a better outlook for business ventures, there will be more disposable income in 5the hands of consumers. A large percentage of this is likely to go into the property market, given the need to own a property in this growing city. This will have an effect on price. Any uptrend in the economic growth will have corresponding effects on property price. Finance holds the key The big question then is what should prospective home-buyers do? Ideally, this is the time to evaluate affordability and the comfort factor in servicing a long-term debt over the medium term. These are the key issues at the moment for prospective home-buyers. The price taken a back seat when it comes to picking up that suitable option with city expanding on all sides. It is only a matter of time before the prices escalate pushing homes that come into any budget further away. This is the right time to think finance and pick up a property using this factor as the bases for the decision making. Quick bytes PROSPECTIVE HOMEBUYERS CAN MAKE A MOVE NOW DEVELOPMENT OF ARTERIAL ROADS IS A BOON FOR THOSE LOOKING AT OPTIONS IN THE SUBURBS THE RECENT DROPIN THE CRR EFFECTED BY TE RBI IS A WELCOME SIGN AHEAD OF THE CREDIT POLICY ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THIS FINANCIAL YEAR THE INFLATION RATE IS A KEY FACTOR FOR HOME LOAN APPLICANTS Greater Bangalore Estates, are promoting and building Villas in Bangalore , Plots in Bangalore , Land for Sale in Hosur , Plots in Hosur , Plots near Electronic city, Flats near electronic city , Residential Flats in Bangalore and Apartments in Electronic City Bangalore 相关的主题文章: