Sanitary napkins lead to gynecological diseases, teach you how to measure the sanitary napkin fluore 残清1864

Sanitary napkins lead to gynecological diseases, teach you how to measure the sanitary napkin fluorescent agent! Sohu – source: WeChat, public health (Miao brother story) after lunch, no one in the office, Miao brother sitting on the desk to see Kang Yi Si "China historical mysteries" shaking. Juan sister like a gust of wind came down: "brother, brother Miao Miao, you go to the Japanese, have what good stuff back?" Miao brother didn’t lift her head, to read: "say you don’t believe, we bought a bunch of sanitary napkins back." Juan sister opened her eyes: "Miao brother, you did not make a mistake? Go to Japan, do not buy electronic products, buy sanitary napkins do?" Miao brother put down the book, smiled and said: "what to buy electronic products? Buy Casio? Now, or with Swiss mechanical watches, or directly on the phone to buy a SONY computer? Lenovo is now more cost-effective. Do not look at this small sanitary napkins, inside the big knowledge. Some time ago, is not to say that our country even the ball point pen can not build the ball out of it, in fact, our sanitary napkins, do the same simple and rude no feelings." Juan sister gawked at Miao brother: "I come second aunt, told my mother, she put the napkin himself gave me a bag, then did not change the brand. Do you still need affection? Such a small piece of things, what can we pay attention to it?" Miao brother 45 degrees up to the ceiling: "an ordinary girl, 12 years old to menstruation, once a month, every 5 days, menstrual quantity is 50ml, 50 years of menopause. Then, she has 2280 days, following in the whirlwind of blood, a total of 22800ml blood flow, equivalent to 5 of their total blood to flow out, most rely on the sanitary napkin then. One day count 7, each period with 30 pieces. A girl, basically use 13680 aunt towel. Menstruation, girls more or less will have a period of tension syndrome. Good sanitary napkins a considerate, can make her the first time feel relaxed; a crudely made poor sanitary napkins, will make her bad heart again inserted a knife." Miao Juan sister nodded: "brother, you are right, every time I did not pay attention to this matter, it seems, is really very important. No wonder when I came to my aunt, I always wanted to get angry with my husband. What do you recommend?" Miao brother smiled: "in fact, I also just empty talk, never used. But if I were to be designed by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, I’d make one of the world’s best sanitary napkins. First, easy to carry. The blood has rich nutrition, has also become a medium for the growth of bacteria "". After 2 hours of continuous use of ordinary aunt towel, the total number of bacteria can reach up to the surface of each square centimeter of 107, so try to change. Such a private thing, carrying a large amount, the best independent packaging can be a little bit, a little cute, not so sharp edges around. Second, open smoothly. Girls in general for sanitary napkins, are in the toilet, the space is blocked, the inconvenience of activities, sanitary napkins to open the package to be convenient, a tear can be. Think)相关的主题文章: