Obama, a move by default in the South China Sea sovereignty of the U.S. military is very dissatisfie 申威1600

Obama move China US military default very dissatisfied with the sovereignty of the South China Sea: swindled content tips: Mr. Ding Xueliang through the study of data analysis, in the U.S. through the South China Sea is used by no harm, this is the default here in People’s Republic of China waters, is People’s Republic of China’s territorial waters, the United States to change a way to challenge Beijing for these the local territorial waters or area of complaint. Phoenix September 11, 2016 "World Grand Strategy", the following is the text: Qiu Zhenhai: you don’t know Duthel Te or what? Ding Xueliang: I two are not representative, because I know them very. Now the United States military or intelligence bureau and diplomatic circles, Obama decided to do a few very unhappy, he is sent by the US military, he passed Chinese we think it is time for their area or island, what is his concept? Is by no harm, Americans think you on Beijing when you, this place is no damage warships through the pass, you will default this place is the waters of People’s Republic of China, is People’s Republic of China’s territorial waters, you should find a way to challenge Beijing to these places or areas of the territorial sea. Qiu Zhenhai: where does his intelligence come from, as if you knew the CIA? Ding Xueliang: I’ve done a lot of internal data. Qiu Zhenhai: last week, the CIA report on the development and Reform Commission, indicating that you are also inside the cia. If he said that, after the United States after China expanding island reef, since we put the table out later, this is the Americans do not admit, is a gray area, forcing his way into the China area, how to do? The one upmanship, China to good countermeasures. Xu Guangyu: Professor Ding said, he has his reason, I think this is normal, why? The United States has always been to China factions, but the attitude is a little tougher, or not too tough is always two. Where is the determining factor here? The economic issue is of the greatest importance to any decision made by the U. S. military system and to take military action in the global region, if it violates the most important economic interests of the United States, it will not work. "The grand strategy" broadcast in Phoenix TV station program [Chinese area] host: Qiu Zhenhai [host] area first time: Sunday 19:45-20:30  replay time: Monday 02:00   09:00 want to see more gold commentary, hot reading, anchor style, behind the dirt? Hush! Quietly to join Phoenix will enjoy private (ID:phtvifeng), let Xiaofeng Jun take you to walk along a small rear phoenix.相关的主题文章: