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Foreign tourists inbound puppy dogs detected a large number of ticks — Travel Channel original title: Xicheng District

recently, the Beijing entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau in a passenger entry with companion animal curly Bichon dogs, Rhipicephalus sanguineus detected more than 200. At present, the national prosecutors have taken the dog to perform manual removal of ticks in order to prevent the spread of. In August 8th, one from Thailand’s British passenger carrying a curly Bichon frise entry. During the quarantine period, the National Prosecutors found that the dog body surface carrying a large number of live ticks, and continue to spread to the surrounding environment. The national inspection personnel immediately take emergency measures, this dog isolate in motor cage, take artificial ticks operations, and to all the isolation kennel and environment in addition to tick spraying agent, to prevent the spread of. After the identification of the Medical Media Laboratory of Beijing inspection and Quarantine Technology Center, the tick is a red blood head tick, of which 4 female ticks, male ticks into the nest, only if the tick 206, only a few of the ticks, and the results showed that the number of ticks was only 17. Then, according to the laboratory ticks may be the spread of tick borne diseases, were synthesized to detect hot spots, Eric times body disease and southern spotted fever and BABEI worm disease primers, and the detection of nucleic acid was negative. Data shows, Rhipicephalus sanguineus plays an important role in medicine and veterinary medicine, in addition to the damage to the dog bites, or the spread of disease and BABEI, Eric once the important media of worm disease. Rhipicephalus sanguineus can also spread the hot spots, boutonneuse fever and tick borne disease. (reporter Yang Fenglin) (commissioning editor: the moon, Zhang Xi)相关的主题文章: