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Japan nuclear disaster to transport food detonated bloodshed in the Kuomintang anti blocking proposal original title: Japanese nuclear disaster food "lose Taiwan" proposal detonated bloodshed of Kuomintang anti blocking [Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Chen Mingyu Cai Yingwen] authorities focus on three days in Taiwan held ten on imports of Japanese food nuclear disaster has triggered public hearing chaos, and even bloodshed. Taiwan’s "Executive Yuan" sponsored by the last "Japanese food Taiwan lose hearing in the afternoon of 14 Hualian debut, the results began to half an hour, you bloody conflict. Former DPP legislators Lu Bogee considered beatings, in a burst of chaos and was wounded, the other black and bloodstains. Mr Zhang Zhiguan said that it was Lu Bogee first beat the other members of the face and push, and cause conflict. In the previous 13 days, respectively, Taipei, Taoyuan hearing in Taichung and Taipei debut, the scene is conflicts, many people wounded were injured, "around the hearing almost in all martial arts scene, which embarrassed ended" in Taipei and even bloody fights. The KMT Legislative Yuan criticism that the hearing data did not mention the risk assessment, do not accept this "black box hearing", must be re organized. In addition to the "fighting", against the import of Japanese nuclear disaster food sounds are continuous. 14, environmental groups criticized "published by the Ministry of health and welfare", "inter ministry before the visit to Japan report untrue. Deputy director general Fang to the Taipei District Court denounced "Wei Fu minister Lin played extension of forgery, then to" monitor "the accusation of dereliction of duty. Fang said, "Wei Fu Department" has made a comparison of the current world without rhyme or reason, think only of Taiwan and the mainland of Japan’s nuclear disaster control products, not suggesting that Taiwan and the mainland, but in fact the United States is currently in a number of Japan’s 14 county specific products to take strict control, not zhaodanquanshou. The same day, Taoyuan City Council of the KMT caucus proposal blocking the Japanese nuclear disaster to ban nuclear disaster food, food input and trafficking, became the first active anti blocking the Japanese nuclear disaster food in Taiwan county. Taichung City Council followed the KMT caucus initiated joint, to ban nuclear disaster food trafficking in taichung. There are "legislators" issued a joint statement saying that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party before desperately against U.S. beef imports, called for a Taiwanese health fight only after the ruling quickly changed, and now the release of nuclear disaster food, "the only power, not people’s heart". Taitung Orchid Island county councilor Huang Tiande also takes Orchid Island as an example, consider the Japanese nuclear disaster area of Taitung food like nuclear waste. In the face of strong opposition, Japan is very worried. The Japanese Exchange Association of Tokyo the Ministry of general affairs minister kakizawa said, "the people of Taiwan will eat, and the emperor of Japan, the Japanese Prime Minister will eat, no different". Ke Wenzhe, Taipei’s mayor, said he was confident that the Japanese would not dare to hit their own feet. DPP spokesman Huang Shizhuo put the blame for the chaos of the Kuomintang, KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu said "should be bound by Party members, if circumstances have trouble of Kuomintang members violence, President Hong Xiuzhu must bear the greatest responsibility". In this regard, the KMT caucus Secretary of the Yangtze River Qi Chen said 14 days ago 2相关的主题文章: