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Good morning in Chongqing, live free Jiang Jingfang (with delicious dog Raiders) – Sohu tourism current browser does not support music or speech, please in the WeChat browser or other broadcast filed but the Chongqing big Hot pot, the delicacy like a fiery personality, Chongqing signs Geng Zhi every outsiders to both love and hate to love it spicy delicious, fully and delightfully hate myself skill is not deep, hot tears over the past two years, Chongqing Hot pot has swept on both sides of the Changjiang River actually besides Chongqing, there are many popular delicacy such as spicy noodles, xuewang, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, grilled brain, spicy chicken, Tofu pudding, mutton cage…… By meow a less -kirsch this is a feeling of city are numerous hills and streams in addition to all come here and eat delicacy crawl and the intricacies of the slope slope sill number does not come across the river bridge comparable to Hongkong night and night view can I can cross the river wear real all-round light…… By Oh of the Fennec beauty, beauty, beauty, and!! As a super love love playing live morning special team elite side deeply rooted in Chongqing find a delicacy beauty while high streets and back lanes domineering win Monument for Liberation lots of gold Jiang Jingfang only to allow more peaceful powder charm this morning to feel the mountain hotel in a local beauty of Monument for Liberation in Chongqing near the beautiful Hongyadong Hongyadong? Believe it or not just a picture will make you drunk one night? By Jiang Nan from the hotel to see is the Chongqing favorite Riverview and excellent location only a qiansimen bridge can feel another landmark of Chongqing Grand Theatre charm shock River, here is also playing Hongyadong night view? Collection back to Chongqing ~ ~ say good morning in time and again immediately debut beloved Jiang Jingfang? Side of bath side luxury Riverview, the most comfortable ~ ~? Said Chongqing topographic wonderful, force is not the thing to let outsiders ignorant if you come to Chongqing in good morning can feel this magical building out, Hongyadong popular scenic spot close to the top of heavy traffic the Chongqing show the traditional characteristics of the 22 The building is still out, but the moment to shift heavy traffic in Chongqing downtown financial center, Monument for Liberation? September 25th, Chongqing morning in test business. BOSS a happy, constant speed free try to sleep places to experience the mountain Riverview style under 25 to try to sleep in the way of free prizes were 25 in Chongqing morning, Riverview Room tatami optional (valid 2016.10.31 cut-off, except legal holidays) activities deadline September 26, 2016 23:59 if you love a person will bring TA to Chongqing in the morning with feelings more than poetry.相关的主题文章: