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Absolutely unexpected! These Buchoumai domestic car still offer – whether car Sohu stand in the angle of the manufacturer or the consumer’s point of view, the current compact family car market is undoubtedly the most intense competition, especially the independent brand compact car, in the car of the joint venture under siege breakthrough and get good grades is not easy, Geely EC7, vision and Changan escape is few jiajiao. In the field of SUV, the independent brand also once with the joint venture SUV split the country, but the recent Japanese SUV rise again, lack of independent brand SUV slightly tension, July sales of the top ten from the previous 6 seats was reduced to 4 seats, Changan CS35 and CS75 planes have dropped out of the top ten, Harvard H2 also fell to fourteenth however, they are "Buchoumai", still belongs to the category of selling cars, but never thought these Buchoumai domestic car should have preferential. As a matter of fact, not equal to increase selling models to buy, is not equal to no concessions; instead, 4S gives some cash incentives to enhance the competitiveness of products, so get more beautiful sales results, such as the following domestic car discount intensity is not small, worthy of attention. Geely imperial EC7 (New Imperial) guidance price: 6.98-9.48 million profit margin: 7 thousand -1 million 2016 average monthly sales of 16783 vehicles: Geely imperial EC7 is the best-selling domestic independent brand car, no one. However, because Geely recently launched the 3 generation of products, especially after the imperial GS and imperial GL two products listed, will have a certain impact on the imperial EC7. But there is no way to deal with it, one of the strong measures is to cut prices, concessions to new cars. Of course, to do so in order not to cause his brother "hurt", it is also the major enterprises of traditional practices (forced). Admittedly, Geely imperial EC7 can keep today’s achievement is attributed to its steady style, high quality and good reputation to bring the appropriate price to bring higher price advantage, the imperial EC7 hailed as the new national car actually too. Changan: Escape guidance price: 7.49- 119 thousand and 900 profit margin: 5 thousand -1.1 million 2016 average monthly sales of 12856 vehicles: looking at own brand cars, can maintain the average monthly sales of over million cars very rare long-term, Changan escape (sales including escape XT) is one of them, behind the escape is actually selling. The design language which mature and high cost. Changan automobile dismantling heavily in Europe and many countries and regions set up a design center, and escape is to enjoy these achievements of the first batch of cars, beautiful appearance, the price close to the people, let it become the first choice of many young consumers, listed more than four years is enough to verify its reliable quality. As a result, it is not difficult to understand why this car can do monthly sales of over 10000. In view of the new 2016 escape (escape XT) has been officially listed on the end of the month, the old models have also entered the promotion stage clear inventory, on a 80 thousand yuan)相关的主题文章: