Dangshan child abuse case continued the new regulations after the first case of revocation of custod 魔界骑士イングリッド

Dangshan child abuse case continued: "new regulations" in Anhui province after the trial of new network – the first case of revocation of custody in stripped, hands tied up, mouth towel…… Such scenes of terror, was only 6 years old girl Xiao Wu (a pseudonym) have experienced. The perpetrators are not others, is the mother and her boyfriend takeshi. Create a great sensation of the Dangshan child abuse case, recently finally settled. On June 8, 2016, the intermediate people’s Court of Anhui, Suzhou. Later, the hospital upheld the verdict, the defendant Liu Xiao Wu’s mother and her boyfriend Wang guilty of intentional assault was sentenced in two years and four months and two years and two months, respectively. In July 7, 2016, Anhui province Dangshan County People’s court to revoke the guardianship of the mother Liu Xiao wu. The child’s hand on her boyfriend hot kettle soup teacher never thought, she taught the students will stand on the court. The teacher is the teacher Xiao Wu tang. In October 23, 2015, Tang teacher saw Xiao Wu’s right hand was burned, it spread a layer of medicine. Xiao Wu told Miss Tang, the wound is uncle with hot kettle burn. Miss Tang immediately reported to the principal of the situation, and with Takeshi Guan Yu Temple in Dangshan County police station. Xiao Wu said, "uncle is my mother’s friend, they live together." Uncle often beat her with a rope tied up her hand, her clothes off, hit her ass with a belt, scarred belly is his uncle with cigarette burns. Anhui Province, Suzhou City Intermediate People’s Court of criminal ruling (2016) Anhui final punishment No. 168, recorded the process of Takeshi abuse: "Mom also beat her, put her hands tied up with rope, step on her foot, with a towel blocked her mouth, hit her back and hips with a belt, sometimes catch her the hair on the face to play. Her mother’s right eye was hit by a fist the other day. The ass uncle with a belt injury is hit, after her ass while uncle went on her ass. salt, ass bleeding, her uncle for painting." "The Mid Autumn Festival, she (the mother) asked why Takeshi only Chinese class, Xiao Wu said that was wrong, who later class, she hit takeshi." According to mother Liu confessed, because she blocked the towel to discipline their children, Xiao Wu’s mouth, with a rope tied his hands, the child’s pants, denim with a black strip line, towards the Xiaowu ass hit a few. The second day, she found the child ass agnail, took to hanging water near takeshi. The verdict on Wang’s testimony that one night, he burned with boiling water kettle, he put his right hand on the Takeshi kettle, then Takeshi hands red, he put hands in cold water takeshi. The second day, the child hands blistered, swollen hands, he let Liu Xiao Wu to buy scald medicine. The third day, he let Liu Xiao Wu to hanging with water. Final appeal upheld, two more than the abuser sentenced to two years for a lot of people think that after the first trial, Liu and Wang were the heavy sentence Appeal said. In the view of the plaintiff lawyer Cai Baohui: the verdict facts are clear, appropriate sentencing." The second instance court prosecutor’s unanimous verdict.相关的主题文章: