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Wan Tianwei: Chinese made painstaking invention "precision parts printing" – Beijing News cctv.com printing in ancient China valuable historical and cultural heritage, and when encountering new printing technology and intelligent manufacturing, will wipe out what kind of spark? Shanghai Jiaotong University doctor of management Tianwei Wan and his partner Hebei and made a domestic unique project — the production of precision parts is very small with nano imprint technology. Precision parts "printed" out of the small toe cap 1/10 precision gear, only one production line, you can achieve mass production. "If these components in accordance with the traditional processing technology, the need for very sophisticated processing equipment, at least a dozen processes to be manufactured." For this project, Wan Tianwei popular interpretation as "precision parts of printing". "Our technology is the use of nano imprint process control precision parts, in accordance with the assumptions of the graphics and the specific shape, strength to produce. This enables the mass production of precision parts, just as if they were printed out." Wan Tianwei often carry several precision parts samples, a small part, put on the finger belly is very small, some small parts or even only a grain of sand is so big. The part is small, but the precision of other people as the acme of perfection, a few millimeters in diameter of the gear has more than and 10 teeth, some parts of the structure as thin as hair. This is the credit of nano imprint technology. Dr. Dr. Yang to "high precision soil made the domestic management science Dr. Wan Tianwei and Ph.D. Germany Hebei still met earlier, hit it off. Wan Tianwei has been working in the government, after the resignation of entrepreneurship. Ji, who has just resigned from Europe’s largest semiconductor equipment company, the chief scientist of nanoimprint lithography, returned to the motherland. In 2015, they met in a salon, Wan Tianwei was immediately attracted by the natural direction of hebei. Nano imprint technology is very advanced, and the future application scenarios will be very much, not limited to nano imprint lithography equipment manufacturing. Through continuous in-depth exchanges and communication, we jointly developed a new venture: precision parts printing and nano printing. We want to play their respective advantages, together to do this project." Wan Tianwei in Hebei, engaged in precision parts manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing 2025 China determined to create a platform for precision parts. Help Chinese made corner overtaking precision parts is small, but the precision is less than the large gear, so the production requirements are higher, more for mechanical watches and parts demanding robot. All along, the advanced precision parts manufacturing technology from Switzerland, Japan and other countries monopoly, they have ultra precision machine tools. China’s precision parts processing capacity is limited, long-term dependence on imports from Switzerland, Japan and other countries. Wan Tianwei "precision printing" instead of using semiconductor technology of ultra precision machine tool short board, many can not directly produce production before high precision parts, precision parts need to help the many parts to overcome bottlenecks. Only the user needs to provide a standardized product map, you can produce a variety of high precision parts. ")相关的主题文章: