Winter comes, your car is to help you! jcuv是什么车

Winter comes, your car is to help you! This year, TA accompany you to enjoy the flowers of spring; bear the heat of summer; autumn romance. A winter’s tale, you and your car ready? The winter with frost, snow, cold here, your car will face a severe test! Is the beginning of winter driving. Many owners will be at this time for the car in the winter tires, to ensure the comfort and safety of vehicle running in winter. However, this is not enough…… As recently, long time no see the blue sky and white clouds, right? Shrouded in fog and haze, your health is threatened, outdoor travel, your car is in the face of threats! Haze environment, air filter is easy to accumulate dust and bacteria, causing foul smell, the air inside the car, serious impact on health! If the long time does not change, the dust particle will cause the engine to be unable to output the maximum power. Regular removal of air filter dust, the protection of family health, let love alive! Of course, more than just do primary winter maintenance. We have to worry about a lot, such as check brake disc wear. In winter, the brake disc sometimes will bear a layer of frost or ice, can cause severe brake calipers closing failure. Therefore, it is necessary to check the braking system in cold weather! For example, how did the wiper stop suddenly? In winter, the low temperature will cause the rubber to harden, and the high temperature in summer will cause the rubber to be analyzed. Winter to replace the wiper blade, to ensure good driving vision, guarantee traffic safety! In addition, you need to check the battery status, windshield cleaning system, air conditioning cooling and heating…… What? Too much trouble, can not remember, too complicated? It doesn’t matter. It’s all for us! Eliminate hidden dangers to avoid danger, so winter driving more peace of mind. We are professional, let us know more about your car. Therefore, we suggest that BMW owners before the winter back to the shop to do a detailed and comprehensive examination for the car, to ensure the safety of vehicles travel, ride free! This year or will usher in "qiannianyiyu winter", we also remind owners keep warm, wear long johns, scarf gloves, ginger tea drink! From the beginning of the door, to every road trip, Shenzhen bocharm BMW accompany you everywhere! This winter, we look forward to your home"! Shenzhen District of Longhua as the first BMW Baochang dealership, in addition to the BMW product line of car sales, as well as original accessories, customer service service, information feedback and other services, but also the pursuit of the highest realm of automobile service, to treat every customer, understand each one so as to serve the prediction even exceed the customer’s own desire. The pursuit of excellence, to stay ahead of the customer expectations and satisfaction, so that customers from the whole process of the use of Car Buying car are pleasant experience. Please contact Shenzhen Baochang auto sales Services Limited Sales Hotline: 0755-33299399; 0755-33299377; customer service appointment: customer service hotline: 0755-33030182 address: Shenzhen city Longhua District pine community Yu 1 Park Avenue crown相关的主题文章: