The Seventh National Health Cup baby contest Cooking Class, calendar! Sohu – 追踪309

The Seventh National Health Cup baby contest Cooking Class, calendar! Sohu – baby baby 6 months later to add a food supplement, on the market in the face of many kinds of food, it is to let mothers hualiaoyan, although has the advantages of convenient use, beautiful appearance, but with mother love or cooking temperature immeasurably. Therefore, how to scientifically make food is very important. Mothers are always racking their brains to find recipes, pick ingredients, nutrition research. In fact, scientific production food is not so complicated, there are many simple and nutritious food supplement mothers learn. National Health Cup baby contest calendar supplement class! This weekend we will provide mothers tailored two hall food supplement produced interactive lessons, good mummy club director, School of management Dean taught at Po Mart international Yunying monopoly senior nutrition teacher, for mothers of one of the guidance of scientific methods and skills of making food. Cover the food collocation principle, food production matters, and other aspects of complementary sequence. Teach him to fish to fish, the purpose of this event is that mothers through practice to completely master the methods and skills of making food, better applied to life. Complementary to do good, the baby can grow well "for the baby mother to cook healthy and tasty foods at the same time, the bright colors of the ingredients to mix together, to promote the baby’s appetite, but also improve the cognitive ability. Usually at home can also work together with the baby, the baby through his little hand to help her mother to complete the delicious process, for the cultivation of interest in food is also very meaningful." The course on Saturday by our treasure Mart international monopoly in the field of nutrition infants and pregnant mothers and teachers will work together to supplement the calcium iron and other important trace elements and vitamins in the production of fruit and vegetable mud mud, and the method of adding meat foods. On Sunday, we will be the good example of the power of mother teach pregnant School of management Dean Mars mom, she unreservedly share her food by private. Hope that through complementary course study, more like a small baby can Mars love to eat delicious and healthy. We often say that the intentions of the most lovely mother, when you see the baby big mouth to eat like mothers will love making food, may all the mother can use love to accompany the baby grow up healthy and happy, harvest happiness! Limited places, mothers should take the time to sign up! In addition to food production, other parenting confused mothers is experience, you can also live with teacher interaction, your experience is they passed, the teacher will warm to share their valuable parenting tips. After the end of the course, the host will take you into the prize answer interesting interactive sessions, will make you a worthwhile trip. The complementary course only as the first station activities of Seventh China health cup calendar baby contest line, then there is "I am baby queen photographer", "mother" and other excellent parent-child activities, please look forward to! Time: 2016-11-5 9:30-11:00; 2016-11-6 9:30-11: 00 location: Treasure Mart international Yunying monopoly 1相关的主题文章: