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The Beijing Wudaokou railway will open to ease congestion at the junction of Tsinghua Yuan tunnel will be built in Beijing – Beijing News (reporter Li Yukun) a 106 year history of the Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway, Qing Hua Yuan Railway Station yesterday officially closed, there will be the construction of the Beijing Zhangjiakou High-speed Rail Tsinghua Yuan tunnel length of 5.33 km. Wudaokou, four crossing, three crossing Shuangqing Road crossing the railway crossing will be demolished after two or three days, the re laying of asphalt pavement, to restore traffic. Yesterday, the pedestrian traffic in Wudaokou is still running through, but never sounded the sentence, there is a train, please note". "I have been working for more than 30 years, I have been working here for ten years, and I am sure I have a long relationship." A staff member told reporters that they are still on standby, waiting for a new post. Wudaokou Municipal Construction Committee will be re laying of asphalt pavement and construction, China Railway fourteen Bureau yesterday held a news conference, China Railway fourteen Bureau of Beijing Zhang High-speed Rail of project manager Zhao Haitao said: "in cooperation with the Beijing Railway Bureau and other units, crossing facilities will begin in two or three days after the demolition, re laying of asphalt pavement, completely restore traffic." In addition to the removal of crossing facilities, along the rails and supporting network will be removed. In this way, some of the trunk road network will also open up." Municipal Construction Committee staff introduction. Reporters combed found in this section of Tsinghua Yuan tunnel, large and small broken road has more than ten. But Zhao Haitao also said that these roads need to cooperate with many departments, but after opening up the benefits are also great. Currently, the Beijing Railway Bureau is very supportive of their removal of the original railway facilities. As early as two hours before the peak of the train through the 10, in the crowded Wudaokou, pedestrians have to stop to wait for the train to pass. Green cars, red car, harmonious the Great Wall No. whistling passing here, become a king. The passage of the train has a certain impact on the road into the house. Reporters found that the early peak 7 points -9 points, there are 10 trains through. "3 minutes to 4 minutes per vehicle." Staff told reporters. People who work in the past said that every time the train, the basic will be blocked hundreds of meters outside the intersection. The reporter from the Beijing Zhangjiakou High-speed Rail construction to understand, in order not to affect the traffic, the Qing Hua Yuan Railway Station after 5.33 kilometers to build a tunnel. In the future, the three railway crossing will become history. According to the plan, the crossing facilities will be completed the demolition in two or three days, protecting net and rail line will be gradually dismantled. "When I first came to Wudaokou to see the train was very pleasantly surprised, I did not think I have to hand it down." Liu Shuai, deputy manager of the construction side of the fourteen Railway Bureau said. – 100 night farewell scene of Qing Hua Yuan Railway Station on October 31st, is the last day of the old city of Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway operation, century old station of Qing Hua Yuan Railway Station will also become the history, many people specially come to. And to this day, via Tsinghua Yuan tickets already sold out. Qing Hua Yuan Railway Station near the Centennial bridge was full of people, all holding the camera. A train fan came specially from Hebei, in order to witness the last day of the station. He said with emotion, only the rocket launch and flight performance worthy of this courtesy. ".相关的主题文章: