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Lynn: $Xinyi by rising gold and silver frustrated to be non-agricultural clients view the latest market Thursday the international spot gold to further expand the decline, the lowest hit a four month low of 1249.80, the fall 1260 line, to close at 1255.80, because the Fed is expected to raise interest rates in December is always a mortal malady of gold. The United States announced the beginning of last week, the number of jobless claims reduced by 5000 to 249 thousand, a record low since April this year, indicating that the job market continues to recover. And previously announced ISM non manufacturing index rose to 57.1, the highest since October 2015. These optimistic signs are conducive to the Fed’s interest rate outlook for the year. After the data release, the federal interest rate futures show that in December the probability of interest rate rose to 65%. Today, the focus of the United States in September non farm data, although this week’s ADP employment data hit a new low of four months, but this does not seem to affect the market for this week’s good performance of non farm data. The market is expected in September payrolls will increase from 151 thousand rise to 173 thousand, the unemployment rate will remain steady at 4.9%. If the data is better than expected, then the dollar index will be rushed to the top of the 96 mark, and gold will be dropping 1250 line; and gold is expected to ease a week downtrend. A non farm data (mainly the tonight spot gold and silver trend), non-agricultural employment market expected value of 175 thousand, compared to the previous value of 151 thousand increase, bullish dollar bearish gold and silver specific effects; waiting for the actual published values do the specific planning, because gold and silver prices this week, falling, ahead of the expected impact of the non-agricultural empty so, if the actual data of bad components or not unexpectedly positive gold and silver may also decline is expected to be limited, then fell after the first rise of the fluctuation trend. Spot silver (Chinese) market analysis: the overnight U.S. jobless claims unexpectedly recorded 43 years low, eighty-third consecutive weeks in 300 thousand under the mark, the employment market data show that the stability of the dollar area, support the Fed rate hike sentiment. In addition the overnight GBPUSD was down 6%, the biggest intraday decline since June hit Britain off the European referendum, boost the dollar to rise further, refresh nearly two month high, so that the gold bearing fell more than 3 month lows, while silver fell below the 3550 support to 100 point decline, the low dropped to 3425 yuan per kilogram. In short the overall trend, Yi Lin V. Before Xing hylin8 suggests payrolls data not released, the operation is more suitable for the rebound short selling ideas based on the daily chart; see, Chinese silver is currently trading at 3460 yuan per kilogram price position, the daily 4 Lianyin K fell, the overall trend is weak. Last night, the bottom line of concern for the first line of support 3450-3440, then continue to see below the continuation of the downward continuation of 3300-3200, but this requires non farm payrolls data is gorgeous enough, short lasting will form such a downward momentum. At present, the price of silver fell after a rebound in support of repair, repair days rose 3480-3500 resistance, broken bits continue to look at the 5 day moving average pressure 3550, blocked 3480-.相关的主题文章: