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Chen Tong went to a point of information disclosure causes Liu Shuang said their love to kill the original title: Chen Tong: add a little information out of personal interest, to hit 85 points in October 28th millet experience, a little information announced that vice president of millet, the original editor Chen Tong will join a little information as president post concurrently Co president. "Bye bye to handle, I come back." Chen Tong smiled and said the "return". Chen Tong served as executive vice president of sina, editor, was standing in the forefront of portal, blog, micro-blog, Sina two years ago, Chen Tong said goodbye to join millet. Today, Chen Tong is not only back to the content line, and former rival stand together. From the beginning of the portal era, Chen Tong and CEO Liu Shuang has been a rival, a grappling, today, the two rivals to hold hands. Beijing News in the first exclusive interview with Liu Shuang and Chen Tong. Chen Tong said his role in a bit of information is content and product leader, to build one of China’s best information platform. Now, in the Internet, intelligent mobile phone, mobile information capital parties together, APP smoke, the algorithm has been pushed to the hitherto unknown height, but the vulgarization and narrow view also plagued the user pain points etc.. This is a new subject for Chen Tong. CEO Liu Shuang seems, Chen Tong keen on the news, the ability to expand the content of resources is a little bit of information value, Chen Tong is worthy of the godfather of the Internet news. Now he wants to work with Chen Tong to open up the mobile terminal algorithm products, and stressed that the editor of the optimization algorithm. Because of this, Chen Tong as vice president of millet Lei Jun in the appointment, add a little information, return to the news line. When the opponent becomes a partner, often means that a battlefield come to an end, to turn to a new battlefield, Liu Shuang said. The latest data released on the current point of view, as of July, today’s headlines have over 55 million active users, a little information in the end of June the number of users over 30 million. As a product of the algorithm, the more the number of users, the more interaction with the software, the system, the algorithm will correspondingly become smarter. A little information on what success in the new battlefield? Chen Tong join and how to stir the mobile APP arena? Chen Tong: micro-blog has a small regret, to create a new platform for quality information, a little bit of information to go to the president Chen Tong is out of personal interest in the Beijing News: why do you want to get a little information from millet? Chen Tong: mainly from my personal interest. I just went to millet when the role of conversion does not come, but also often forwarded a lot of news in micro-blog, some people say you should not turn, I also try too little turn, can not stand. Later, regardless of other people’s evaluation, and then turn my interest in the news. Beijing News: you have two years of millet harvest? Chen Tong: millet products more soft content, integration of several major video sites movies, TV shows, variety shows, etc.. Now millet TV boxes and mobile phone video content than when I just went to several times. Millet TV and the live broadcast of the Olympic Games and the European Cup, is the only one in the smart TV and CCTV official cooperation. Reaching a small " peak " it’s time to make adjustments. Beijing News: you give yourself.相关的主题文章: