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"Heavy," the long-term effective work opportunities in Silicon Valley Internet Co – Sohu technology click the "Qin – the rise and fall of an empire" free subscription magazine! Hello, little devil to you here to provide a Silicon Valley companies FLAG + S (snapchat, LA) in the push way: Silicon Valley Internet Co push (link please click on the lower left corner "," read the recommended information confidential). Recruitment requirements 1 have more than two years work experience in the domestic first-line Internet Co. 2 excellent start-up companies on the job (especially mobile development engineers). 3 Top20 graduated from domestic institutions. (the entire push is completely free, the above 3 can meet one) recruitment bonus has ACM-ICPC or TopCoder experience, or GitHub has excellent open source projects. Most of the jobs in the office are in the u.s.. After the push, if the strength of the background to meet their requirements, generally 1 weeks – received an interview appointment within 2 weeks, the full time line is the end of the telephone interview, the person in the next year in February and 1, arrange on-site interview. If you get the offer to help apply for H1-B (April 1st before submitting H1-B peitition). Due to the opportunity to push the precious, please fill in the preparation before the US style English resume. Resume and interview preparation points are as follows: the first 1 interview resume 2.Recruiter telephone interview: how old? What has been done? Which school major? Why are you interested in this company? (need to understand the culture of the company) will eventually add some of the most basic technical issues (such as: iOS in the property definition of strong, weak, copy, assign is the difference? Interview type generally speaking, Silicon Valley Internet Co interview a total of 6 rounds: the 2 round of the +4 round of interviews or on-site interview round of the 6 round. Interviews are divided into three categories: 1.Behavioral (behavioral interview) is mainly non-technical issues, see your role in the company and the company’s ability to integrate into the atmosphere, working with colleagues. – what happened, what did Project do? Do you have any difficult engineering problems and how to solve them? Do you like what you don’t like? Like how to get along with people? 2 Algorithm & Coding (high) – for example: Fibonacci Dn – a tree, as by traversal, print out what kind of Three sum question. an array with the number three, add up to 0 – note: – don’t let down. The corners of the problem – version 1 – -> code;相关的主题文章: