Don’t drive is also dangerous 步步高i606

Do not drive there are also several kinds of dangerous riding posture do you have a seat belt also ask the university! We should not only pay attention to the safety of driving in the daily use of vehicles, but also pay more attention to the safety of passengers. Their own car, passengers are not relatives or friends, which is not good because of their driving injuries. While the majority of drivers on the safety of passengers are more negligent, and some do not even require passengers to wear seat belts, today we will talk about the passengers sitting posture. 1 legs in the console or rear legs on the front backrest travel special fatigue, passengers are trying to find a comfortable position to stay, so many passengers sitting in the copilot’s legs will console in alleviating fatigue. Although this position is very comfortable, so stop resting even when driving, but do not do this. Will be placed in the middle of the legs directly affect the driver to see the right rear view mirror, very dangerous; if you encounter a vehicle collision, it will affect the right side of the airbag pop up, affecting the safety of passengers. 2, the hands and feet out of the window of the passengers will be stretched out the window, the window frame. This can also ease the fatigue caused by long-distance, but the same as above, do not do when driving. Especially for children and pets, children like to put their heads out of the window in the car. This not only affects the driver’s right to watch the rearview mirror, driving on the narrow road is easy to be damaged objects. 3, do not lie down while driving passengers do not think they do not need to pay attention to the safety of driving, and how they want to stay on the comfort of the accident prone to injury. For example, sitting on the side of the driver to adjust the comfort of the comfort of the bed, it is very dangerous, in the event of a traffic accident, the seat belt can not play a role, it is easy to cause harm. Not to mention that some people don’t wear a seat belt. 4, passengers don’t cross your legs a lot of people have the habit of cross your legs, the car can not help but want to see. Although this does not affect the normal driving, but in an emergency braking or collision, passengers will have to move the body posture, not easily use both feet to support the body, the legs may also knock to the console injured. 5, do not lie in the back of long-distance drivers not only tired drivers, passengers are tired, a lot of passengers thought of lying in the back. Although there is no danger of the above, but there are still some security risks. When the vehicle is braked or crashed, the passengers in the rear will be completely unprepared to be pushed to the front seat, causing damage. 6, the correct position to say so many wrong riding posture, so how to sit in the right position. First of all, the height of the seat should be picked up after the car, the angle of the seat back to pick, to ensure a good vision. Then fasten the seat belt, some models with the height adjustment of the seat belt, you can adjust the seat belt to the appropriate location.相关的主题文章: