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The old man fell to the ground by men died no help: no remorse for fear of trouble – monitoring public channel taken leave brother Jiang old man fell to the ground after the photo in November 19th, suffering from heart disease in Sichuan County of Yibin Wen town 58 years old migrant workers Luo, on the way home a sudden heart attack and fell to the ground, and other emergency doctors and police arrived. Luo has stopped breathing. That news of the death of Luo, Luo Yibin netizen be strangers to each other "Yibin River brother" very remorse, because he was the first to see Luo fell to the ground of the passers-by, but repeated tangled, eventually did not timely rescue. But he and some lucky, "who died, and no on-site monitoring, if it was to help the trouble, how to say?" The brother of the entanglements get part of the net friend’s identity: help a, worry about trouble; don’t help, in the mind some can’t go. When you encounter a similar situation, as brother Jiang and netizens said only because of facing the dilemma and tangled? This is not exactly the case. Experience: witness the old man fell to the ground, he did not go to help brother Jiang according to reports, the day of the incident around 17:47, he from the Yangtze River Road, south of Yibin city along the Yangtze River Park to wine the way down. In the distance should be Sanjiang port investment company headquarters shantytowns about several tens of meters, he saw a man wearing a hat suddenly fell to the ground. "I was in the back, can not see the appearance, thought it was wine drunk." Jiang told the Chengdu Daily reporter, the man fell to the ground has been struggling, look like to climb up. When he approached, he saw that he was an older man, lying on his side, his hat on the ground, and just under his head. Jiang brother said, he is all along the road non motorized travel, the elderly and fell to the ground on the sidewalk, he recently only a few meters from the old. He stopped to observe, and found the old man still struggling, but did not ask him for help. About 20 meters, a uniformed security guards sitting on the side of the road, saw the old man’s struggle, did not come forward to help. I was still too careless, that the old man is drunk, he will climb up." Jiang brother some remorse, said he continued to move forward, while thinking about whether to play a 120. But when he went to the mouth of the Sanjiang headquarters of the company should be easy to go back to see the old man sitting on the ground, and that there is no big deal, and gave up the phone to leave the scene. Before leaving, Jiang also specifically took a few photos. Tangle: hearing the death of the elderly, he is very self blame "today still brood on one thing, at dusk when I saw at a distance of about 50 meters a man fell down, struggling not to climb up, I walked past, ready to help, see no one around, and give up, and then quietly leave. Looking back, the old man tried to climb up, and failed, and climbed up, and failed, passing a few pedestrians did not go to help, I do not know how the old man! But all of a sudden, I feel my conscience struggling!" After more than 6 hours on the morning of November 20th around zero, Jiang suddenly released in the circle of friends of the above content, and announced his photo taken two live photos. Photo shows an older man on net相关的主题文章: