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Female doctor cheated 70 thousand yuan: crooks posing like accent Ph.D. – Sohu Beijing evening news August 30th news, "he even imitate the accent is very like, really is a big when!" Yesterday (August 29th) Mr. Han people talking to reporters, a strange thing, his girlfriend Ms. Zhang is a doctoral student, a few days ago, Ms. Zhang’s doctoral tutor suddenly phoned to "work" on the grounds of Ms. Zhang to borrow 70 thousand yuan, for the worship of mentor and trust, Ms. Zhang to gather 7 million loan the other, then found that the doctor is fake. For a few days, Mr. Han and Ms. Zhang in order to get back the money cheated really fine legs, in addition to the report, they are also looking for clues in private. Ms. Zhang told reporters that she was enrolled in Union Medical College, just entered school, her mentor in the Sino Japanese hospital. The time is in the evening of August 23rd, when she received a strange phone number, the other end of the phone came the voice of her mentor, the other said begins in August 24th, asked her to go to the hospital in Japan, teacher and students see a face. When Ms. Zhang questioned this is not the teacher left the phone, the other said his phone off, this is another number. "Later I made that call my supervisor left, really shut down, although this number is not my mentor’s number, but all he knows about my information, and voice including accent like." Ms. Zhang in second days for gospel truth, in accordance with the agreed time, rushed to the nearby hospital, and soon received a "mentor" telephone, said the other is outside talk business, need to give each other units of the "red envelope", but because the other units can not accept cash, so they need to transfer. "I don’t have any money now. You’ll have to change some money." In fact, when Ms. Zhang who did not what money, but for the "tutor" trust, borrowing, it collected 70 thousand dollars, and transferred to the "mentor" through the network platform, then the phone, found the phone has been shut down, Ms. Zhang suddenly felt something was wrong, may be cheated the. Ms. Zhang and her boyfriend Mr. Han learned from the aspects of the school after verification, Ms. Zhang true teacher knew nothing of the matter, he is currently the phone off, people are meeting abroad. To make money cheated, Ms. Zhang is more scared that this liar would know all her information, including school, tutor in the information. Ms. Zhang has been reported to the police, after inquiry, Ms. Zhang 70 thousand dollars, has been flowing to a bank account in Shenyang. Mr. Han said, his family is not very good, this 70 thousand dollars are borrowed, now go to school in Beijing not only have to wait even tuition, I am afraid that even the daily life will be affected.相关的主题文章: