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A new pattern of Pu’er Tea: drink tea, drink tea storage – Sohu map: South Beauty Tea tea Pu’er Tea "Snow" the tea market situation does not change, the first is Pu’er Tea central power plants cold, then white – tea tea market melee, the direction is unknown, the old tea Arena once again into a striking one snag after another dense fog. Held in Liuzhou tea tea in last week’s conference, the Liuzhou tea tea to share experience, how to look on the raw and cooked tea Pu’er tea trees, the dispute, some sharp point is worth tea friends reference. The eternal topic of raw and cooked for the first is the health of the Pu’er Tea tea market, should be "20% to eight mature, while the current market Pu’er Tea appears as" 70% students each year, leaving the mature tea warehouse, approximately six or seven of the annual output of tea, excessive hoarding is a big concern of Pu’er tea most of the tea market, that "Pu’er Tea continued" clearly put forward the "drink tea, tea, tea product of old" point of view should let more love Pu’er Tea from a friend. Map: South Beauty Tea Pu’er Tea tea "Snow" tea tea taste is not rich, but people drink more widely, the adjustment function is obvious. Suitable for the new contact tea consumers. Tea, warm stomach, Sheng Jin, Xiaoshi, zhayiting up the many advantages, with its smooth taste of market acceptance, it should be very high, but I do not know when to start, tea seems to be a lot of friends heart taboo words. In the high-end tea the most fanatical collection of a few years, the tea drinking value by some ancient pure pie or even trample down. In view of these so-called "professional tea drink, neither health nor drinking tea is not a quality performance. They are all good "pet phrase, do tea, tea is the heavy use of pesticides and fertilizers made of Tableland Tea, is synonymous with low-quality tea". These biased point of view, from the traditional production process of tea family workshops. To tea tea tea as food rations is actually a lot of friends, but not for fear that the taste, is secretly drink". This is a complete misunderstanding of the meaning of Pu Erh itself. In the history of tea for more than forty years, from 1975 to 1984 the successful trial, mature technology, until now, is spinning in traditional logic, in recent years, some began to take the end of the road: a person with breadth of vision, change from coarse to fine process of the past process, but this is just the product to deal with market demand change the. Rational layout of the tea market structure, so that the proportion of raw and cooked tea market gradually rationalized, but also need to change the concept of tea friends, so as to promote the virtuous cycle of the development of Pu’er tea market. Map: Pu’er Tea South Beauty Tea Pu’er Tea tea "Snow" in recent years some of the downturn, we have different views. Liuzhou tea, for such a situation should be treated rationally, the key is to see how the meaning and understanding of the connotation of good tea, tea, tea now done if 80% was preserved, such behavior is not consistent with the principle of commercial circulation. If 80% of Pu erh tea consumption is consumed, so the price of tea market will be stable, in other words, more nets相关的主题文章: