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The Hong Kong AFC Champions League qualifying or battle team will PK Bangkok Southeast February Hong Kong won the League third morning news reporter Yu Jiong in addition to the limelight last night for the relegation battle, this season in the final round of the competition also announced the end of the third home. Shanghai port in the home 3:1 victory over China’s happiness, to the end of the third super journey this season. In another game, Shenhua lost 0:1 away Changchun Yatai, finished fourth. Let Shanghai fans happy, two teams in Shanghai have obtained the qualification for next season AFC Champions League. The twenty-eighth round of Hulk in the treatment of a thigh injury rehabilitation division under the magical injury caught up in this field is the third key battle. The coach Erickson can discharge one of the strongest offensive lineup, aierkesen front, Hulk as a midfielder, Wu Lei and Evra in the side, this storm formation on the Hong Kong team last use 4:1 victory over the Shandong Luneng home court. This game is the biggest bright spot with more and between Wu Lei and the recovery of the hulk and his teammates more mature. After only 3 minutes, Hulk in midfield launched a long pass back, directly find Arjen Wu Lei, the latter’s xiadichuanzhong is Huaxia happiness defender Gurum touch into the own goal. Thirty-sixth minutes, or the Hulk assists Wu Lei, he quickly opened front kick, Wu Lei speed plug small angle volley, also broke his 11 game (Zhong Chao, AFC Champions League and national team) without scoring embarrassment. This season’s super Wu Lei scored 14 goals, and Demba · James, Pakistan, Alan tied for second to four consecutive seasons, There was no parallel in history. elected local top scorer for four consecutive seasons, scoring in double is Chinese occupation football record. El Kessen scored third goals for the Hong Kong team. The Hong Kong team this season in all competitions are all finished, the Hong Kong team ultimately finished the season set goals in the top three, AFC Champions League group. The Hong Kong team next season will still AFC Champions League Super League, and the FA Cup three line battle. Especially AFC Champions League, from the final round of qualifying to participate, should be early February next year in Southeast Asia against the team home court.相关的主题文章: