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Tan Jie: Rio Olympic Games is a complete and characteristic of the Olympic Games – Sports – People’s network, Beijing, August (26), with the Olympic flame extinguished, a period of 16 days of the Rio Olympic Games Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games on. Today, basketball newspaper editor Tan Jie said when visiting the people’s daily, the Olympic Games may not be perfect in the annals of history, but it is a complete, unique Olympic games. Talking about the Olympic Games, Tan Jie said: "before the opening, many negative things about Rio, about Olympic events, questioned the safety integrity, whether down perfectly like Beijing, London, in fact, we also have a lot to worry about. But in my opinion, this kind of worry is absolutely unnecessary. Facts have proved that all sports and the Olympic Games related to all these things, Rio are very good solution. We didn’t hear any noise from the outside." "On the whole, the Olympic Games may not be perfect, but it is a complete and unique Olympic games." Tan Jie said, "how many years, we mention it, it is not a failure or will pass the Olympic Games, so that people have the ability to host the Olympic Games in South America, there is a new understanding." (commissioning editor Hao Shuai and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: