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"Health China" Anhui station cum health poverty alleviation projects publicity week start – Anhui Channel – October 10 Hefei Xinhua (Hu Lei) this morning, hosted by the Anhui provincial health and Family Planning Commission’s "health Chinese" Anhui station cum health poverty alleviation projects publicity week started in Hefei, opened on a week-long promotional activities curtain. During the week, the province will be through the organization of large-scale health education and health promotion campaigns, advocacy of the concept of health, which everyone pay attention to health, everyone involved in health promotion in the new fashion, to create a good atmosphere for health work. It is understood that the "health China" is the national health and Family Planning Commission in 2013 to start large-scale health communication activities, aims to carry out rich and colorful health promotion activities, improve the health literacy level of the people, promote overall health. This activity content is more rich, more flexible form, take the relay propaganda way, from mid March this year, followed by the northeast, northwest, southwest, north, East and southeast regions, each province in accordance with the established time to carry out propaganda activities for a week. "Health China line Anhui station is a deepening health reform practice, to improve the health literacy level of national action, Anhui province will use the health China for the province to carry out the activities, combined with social resources for public health problems threatening the health of the masses, and carry out health promotion the propaganda of popular science. Recently, Anhui province implemented the "health poverty" project, and strive to solve the poverty and poverty problems, to win the battle of poverty. With this week, Anhui province will mobilize all social forces to take intervention measures in health, classification of poverty alleviation, the implementation of the national health education and health promotion, in order to improve the health literacy level of the rural poor, unhealthy lifestyle changes, reduce rural residents due to unhealthy lifestyles lead to chronic disease and infectious diseases, improve the rural poor health level, control the future poverty because of poverty population increment. The launch site also held a sword, Rouliqiu performances and other health and poverty, to the masses presented family health packages and other activities. (Zhang Lei, Guan Fei: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: