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Hall of fame trophy in the hotel to drink up? This is Iverson   sports Sohu; Beijing on September 15th news, from the famous gossip website TMZ reported that over the weekend Allen Iverson attended the 2016 Hall of fame ceremony, but the question is, "the answer" is so important to the hall of fame trophy forgotten in the hotel room…… This approach is really AI. Informed sources, Iverson Hall of fame trophy is in the hotel, because he drank too much in celebration. The fact is that the current Hall of fame ceremony, Yao Ming and the big shark, O’neal are involved in the whole process, but the road does not take the unusual way to go, but only in the same way, the whole of the people’s Republic of China, the Great Britain and the United States and the United states. Not only did the hall of fame be given a special jacket on Friday, it was 90 minutes late for the press conference. As for the reason, it is Iverson did not catch the day came to Springfield aircraft. Iverson, who was wearing a suit, took pictures of the hall of fame with his name on Saturday. After the ceremony, Iverson drank to celebrate, and the second day after leaving the hotel, the hall of fame fell into the room. After this, the trophy photos were exposed, and the rapid spread of social media. Some people think this is Iverson deliberately, he said: "in the past 12 years, about half of the players have done so. They put the trophy in the hotel, but there’s no need to worry; and the hotel staff is very clear, they can get in touch with the owner, and mailed to them. In this case, it is more secure." "So, Iverson didn’t forget his trophy, that’s not the case." For the personality of Iverson, these are really just a small thing for him. (Jim)相关的主题文章: