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World Cup – Holland 0-1 France Pogba cut 30 yards world wave [collection] Pogba winning foot nushe broke away France beat Holland 1-0 Pogba world wave Tencent sports news October 11th Beijing time this morning, the 2018 World Cup qualifying group A third round 0-1 defeat the French team Holland home court, Pogba scored the only goal of the game. Thirteenth minutes, Mattu Edie steals over to the edge of the area Gameiro unguarded, the latter two step right foot shot burst, the ball was the keeper saved; sixteenth minutes into the two ball playing Belarus promes injured can not insist, pres appearance will change him. Thirtieth minutes, Koscielny midfielder steals near the line to the payer, cross knock for the middle of the bogeba, although there are about 30 meters away from the goal, but United Mr one hundred million adjusted direct right foot shot the ball was a goalkeeper under the net, away from home in Holland team leading 1-0 method. Forty-first minutes, the return was Jansen paillet backcourt steals, the latter was shot while flying koscielny resolve, but the Arsenal defender fell to the ground after the very obvious handball, but the referee refused a penalty. Fifty-sixth minutes, bogeba backcourt sent scalpel like balls, Gameiro offside into the restricted area, but his right foot catapult was the other goalkeeper saved, Gregory Saltzman big edge of the area follow up Kongmen also higher than the beam. Sixty-first minutes, Wijnaldum right thigh muscle strain directly to the end, Holland replaced by Dost. Sixty-sixth minutes paillet out on the right corner, a small edge of the area of the bogeba Yueqi header nodded, the ball was leaning over the goalkeeper saved. Seventy-ninth minutes, Stroman and Pogba in the field of conflict, the referee to two people each show a yellow card, because the Holland captain will match with Luxemburg accumulated yellow card missed the next game, the French team’s final 1-0 victory over Holland. Data analysis: although it is at home, but the Holland team not only lost the game today, but also in the scene behind france. The game of Holland team a total of 9 shots, the French team less than 5 times, 2 shots 3 times less, although the 51% ball rate slightly higher than the opponent, but the Oranje 492 passes less than French team 16 times, two pass success rate is 88%. Lineup: Holland team goalkeeper West Karen Berg defender: No. 1: No. 2, Carles Dop No. 3, Bruma No. 4, Van Dyk No. 5 small waist: No. 6 Stroman and blinder (8 Wijnaldum 62’DORST attacking midfielder): No. 7, No. 10 Claasen proper (84′ Williams), No. 11 Promesse (16’pres): No. 9 French team striker Jansen: goalkeeper: No. 1 Loris defender: No. 2 and No. 4 Sidibe Valane, 21, Koscielny, 3, Kool Zawa midfielder: No. 6, No. 14, bogeba Mattu Edie attacking midfielder Lezman: No. 7, No. 8 (90′ Kanter), Paye (67’Marshall), 18 Moussa Sissoko: No. 9 Gameiro striker (80′ Gignac) (anckie)相关的主题文章: