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11 NBA exclusive: Wade returned to the Miami Nuggets two main injured – Sohu sports Beijing time on Friday November 11th, NBA only 4 games, the Bulls vs Miami most attention, Wade returned to Miami for the first time, the warriors will be back-to-back road games against the Nuggets, the Lakers opened 3 straight, the first opponent for the king. From the point of view of the bull and bets against, with the heat of the dialogue, Miami offensively will waste race advantage; the face of the Nuggets to win back-to-back champion, 7.5 points handicap the difficulty is not small. As for the Lakers this season momentum than expected, met the king should not be pursued at lexington. The bulls for Wade "revenge" Denver? Good handicap bull vs Miami, bulls back-to-back away in Atlanta and today, fighting an eagle. Two team recent trend is not good, the bull before the home court victory over the magic, until the end of the 3 game losing streak and lose the disk trend, Bulls this season only played 1 back-to-back results, 17 points away defeat to the pacers. The heat has just lost in the 2 and even lost the game, the last 5 games lost a total of 4 games, losing the score did not break the top of the game in the 4, this season is clearly in the offensive end encountered great trouble. The season with the heat management had trouble, this game for Wade more that sense of self, from the perspective of bull fighting. Warriors vs Denver, warriors need to host Dallas home court today, will be back to Denver. The warriors lost only two games this season, which is a back-to-back away defeat to the lakers. Dig diamond with 2 wins and 3 losses to end a war even 5 passengers, only 1 points advantage is Memphis lore. Denver this season with only 3 wins and 4 losses, but let the disk to 5 wins and 2 losses, the team’s combat power is clearly underestimated. In the past 2 seasons with the Nuggets in the fight, the warriors won the top 2 wins in the top 5, but only one of the 2 win. The strength of the image than the warrior is much worse, but really worth bullish bets. In addition, the two teams have played 6 consecutive points, the Nuggets to show a good attack ability. The Lakers have on the king’s 7 straight winless the pelican King vs, the Lakers on a war in a strong out of 4.5 points, 12 points home court defeat Dallas, to eat first defeat of the season home court at the same time, the strong momentum is over 3 wins and win disc. The king even 5 passengers back to home court the end of the last war, the 8 points off the pelican has won 2 straight, Darren Collison lifted back and a good performance. The Lakers this season away only 1 times even 4 passengers, the first 3 games after the upset victory over the eagles. The Lakers this season handicap up to 6 wins and 2 losses, Walton’s appearance has changed greatly after. However, due to the sharp decline in strength in recent years, the Lakers have to eat the king’s 7 consecutive defeat, and only one of the 1 win. In this group, the Pacific Division in the civil war, the king obviously occupies a psychological advantage. The vs had 1 bucks, two teams met in November 2nd, as many as 6 bucks scored in double 4 points, Pelican home court disadvantage lost eyebrows brother empty cut 35 points and 15 rebounds. The pelican on a war lost to the king by the start of the season 8 game losing streak, this figure also tied the worst start in team history. Eyebrows brother this season scored 30.9 points 11!相关的主题文章: