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21 hot spots: JR cable 75 million long Yuekuli robot referee – Sohu sports Beijing time on September 21st, let us work together to review the news today TOP5: (click Title read) 1 exposure JR cable 5 years about 75 million according to U.S. media reports, the news source said, JR- Smith hopes to get a new contract 5 years a total value of about $75 million. Although Smith has yet to renew the Cavaliers, but boss Gilbert said the team is not afraid to pay luxury tax. This offseason, Smith became a free agent JR-. It is worth mentioning that, in an interview, Smith has made it clear that he will be the next contract renewal. However, so far, the two sides have not yet signed a consensus. 2 rockets is expected low-cost introduction of Gaye according to U.S. media reports, the news source said, is expected to attract low-cost Rockets player Gaye king, it is reported that the young striker KJ- Macdaniels will become the main rocket deal. This offseason, the Gaye trade rumors continue to spread in the league. In an interview, Gaye had questioned the team’s plan to build the king, not only that, after a source said, Gaye will choose to resume free body next summer. From the current point of view, Gaye in the king’s day has entered the countdown. 3 James Rockets last season is not harmonious default according to the "Houston Chronicle" reported that the change of the Houston Rockets last season, Dwight Howard left to coach Mike DAntoni. Rockets star James harden in an interview, the default internal last season the Rockets are not harmonious, this summer organized training helps to unite. The Rockets training camp will start at the end of the week, a sports drink harden recently participated in the conference, in an interview that last season the team does not harden the unity and harmony is a big problem. "Any sport, any team, if a team is not on one side, the whole team does not have the same goal, you will not succeed." Harden said: "this is the last season we did not succeed in Houston, we have a number of new players, we want to succeed together, think this season can become different." 4 bucks to send Monroe into the countdown from the U.S. media reports, sources said the bucks are still actively selling the Monroe. The line even pointed out that Monroe could be traded before the training camp starts. And in the market, rockets, spurs, Nicks and other teams, is on show in romania. The distance NBA team training camp opened, only a few days. At this point, most of the players are preparing for the new season. However, Bucks center Andrew Monroe’s situation is different, because he was not sure he will continue to stay in Milwaukee, or will leave here, to find another way. Some of the NBA sources had said, "the last season, Monroe is averaging 15.3 points and 8.8 rebounds, only from the data, his performance is also good, but the Bucks this summer has been trying to be away."   相关的主题文章: