Response of wild Shoutu line bow ceremony I am the brotherhood had to abandon the rules.-残清1864

Response of wild Shoutu line bow ceremony: I am the brotherhood have rules, keep the editor’s note: Recently, the network spread a poet and writer of wild bow ceremony Shoutu photos, photos of wild sitting on the chair, he received was kneeling on the mat up kowtow ceremony, for the table in the statue of Guan Gong and burning the candle two behind the statue of Guan Yu with a red paper black word "Apprentice ceremony" and "heaven and earth Jun teacher". This photo was exposed, immediately caused a great disturbance. Some people criticize this is to restore the dross, worship Guan Gong is full of rivers and lakes, especially the wild often published in criticism of power and system of liberal image, which completely deviate from the modern spirit of freedom and equality, even make people doubt its consistent attitude is true. Some people think that how wild Shoutu has nothing to do with others, as the arena routine bow ceremony belongs entirely to personal freedom, the so-called liberal known just outside label affixed to the wild, since had not recognized its own image, no more on the image of collapse. In November 1st, wild on the matter in individual micro-blog posted a long "I is the world — a bow and a grenade world", a positive response to their Shoutu and social questions. Yefu said in the article, his bow several masters, private schools, private deals, worship ceremony, is a good custom, is to respect knowledge, as long as consensual, because it is not a world of human rights, it is free. And the rivers and lakes, the freemason brothers, called on mentoring, brother of robe, worship Guan Gong Wu Sheng started to speak, moral and etiquette, and strict discipline and rules. Nowadays it is because of what is fear, which leads to the officer and the people commit all sorts. To speak a bit of justice, it is said to be feudal, as if true liberalism, can interfere with the freedom of others. Yefu said he is a liberal, but also the cultural conservatism, brotherhood. In the tradition of high quality etiquette civilization, neither belongs to the Confucianism, does not belong to the Royal, but the folk. Liberal liberal scholars, is affixed to the label of outsiders, although his belief in freedom of constitutional government, said to do a lot, but with the liberal literary scholars are not a group. Wild husband also mentioned in the article, he received and is the son of a friend, is the youth rebellion, in order to follow the ancient ritual is grinding strength, strict discipline. A little knowledge of their knees to the disciple also knelt by the past, not for anything else, just as the ancient predecessors and martyrs of respect. However, the response of wild and did not let the dispute peacefully. The opponents are still opposed, and directed the so-called arena of moral ethics, but master drag relationship through the back door, the truth is just for the fame and fortune, swindler, and the various fully exposed its authoritarian consciousness inside. Supporters still support that Yefu has always been the chivalrous wind, making a thing not to violate the law does not harm, what what kept the letter. In addition to a neutral thought to agree or disagree this Shoutu should respect the etiquette, but can not choose wild mentoring, intervention in the freedom of others. Some places have left right, right and wrong, I’m afraid forever inconclusive. Here only posted a wild article, for readers to their own reading, what is your own free evaluation.相关的主题文章: