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Zhang Wailong activated AK black has reached the relegation line combined Lifan Zhang Wailong (data plan)   Sheng Yanbian from relegation success one step xixilili under rain all day, in half an hour before the game was stopped, the Lifan under the good momentum of feeling. "The rain has stopped! Good thing!" An assistant coach said happily. Whether or not this is a good sign, in fact in the opportune advantage under the condition of no suspense of the Lifan Yanbian. In the 2 to 1 victory over Yanbian yesterday, Lifan integral has reached 30 points, ahead of a game in Yongchang 10. 6 matches remaining in the league, only one step away from the relegation team. Chongqing evening news reporter Luo Xiang Han Shuai Ge wits more clout as this year in one of the quite interesting aspect, Zhang Wailong and Pu Taixia’s "handsome wits" let the media have been talked about. In the first round of Yanbian, will not let the Lifan frequent miracle promoted account for what is cheap. The second half, Lifan Kaerdeke replacement of foreign aid, the arrival of Fernando more display space, rather than let the Yin garland hurt Yanbian’s lack of their heart attack. More emboldened Zhang Wailong, the discharge of the It is as expected in the last three games starting line-up. Just come back from the South Korean national team Zheng Yourong will go into battle. "The interim period, we are focusing on the problems of exercise, especially defensive and set pieces." Zhang Wailong confidently said before the game: our goal is to take three points!" Shuangsha black door completely live from the start against national security, Kardec edged out the season on the team’s top scorer Gigliotti sat on the first striker. This is also the reason to change, Lifan work, and in the fall home court and decimating the attacking. The ability to score do not say first, Kaerdeke characteristics and Fernando formed a more effective coordination, also let the Lifan attack is no longer monotone. In fact, the arrival of AK indeed activated black. In the past a lot of games, Fernando and his teammates not once, his mood is somewhat out of control, but after the arrival of the AK, but black actively seek together, this is Zhang Wailong always wanted to see. Indeed, Fernando once again become the best player yesterday, half his shots refracts into the net, the second half after the break, and let the AK penalty again followed the first scoring record. After the goal of AK, has been waiting for Fernando to come up against the chest, but on the other side of the other team. However, this understanding of the two is indeed the Lifan fortunately. To avoid relegation success optimistic one step to win Yanbian, Lifan points up to 30 points, which is the theory on watershed: Super echelon echelon must meet or exceed 30, which in the past few seasons are so. Although the theory of Lifan needs 3 points or 1 points can be truly complete the relegation, but left in the League 6, it is enough to make Lifan sleep without any anxiety. At present, second were ranked first in Asia and Thailand and Yongchang, respectively"相关的主题文章: