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Harbin nine year old skating 15 years acquired "life daily news October 9th A great hawk spreads its wings" and over speed skating, sometimes just spin, sometimes to do a "sometimes A great hawk spreads its wings", a "Peacock Flying southeast"…… In Harbin Daoli District Yunhua square, an old man skilled to complete a series of actions. Look, this skill, you can see that he is a nine years old? For this, is 89 year old old man in Xiao, skating for 15 years. 89 year old Xiao in skating. In the old Xiao skating venue only half a football field, but every day he will slip 20 laps here, and frequently used various kinds of action. While over speed skating, while spin, while a small leg "Peacock Flying southeast……" "Daddy, you can rest, I’ll dance with you." The little girl, Yu Xiaofeng, saw him sweating, so he stopped to have a rest. Although there is no musical accompaniment, but father and daughter dance is very beautiful. The old practice according to the old Xiao A great hawk spreads its wings, his hometown in Hunan. 1958, from the army to Harbin, became a teacher. Over the years, he has always insisted on writing brush characters, playing basketball, playing table tennis and long-distance running. 15 years ago, he accidentally found someone skating in the square, on the sports fan. "The first year of skating, because the technology is not skilled, accidentally fell, waist sprain. After months of treatment, rehabilitation." The old man said to howl.相关的主题文章: