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The biggest winner Manchester United let Mourinho down Rooney is sentenced to death is more and more trust him Mourinho Mata sina sports news Rooney new season first to sit on the bench, but the Old Trafford fans might not miss him. Because he played 10 instead of a Mata, with more than 70 thousand showed complete conquest of the Old Trafford Reds fans, when he changed at the end, the fans in the audience standing ovation, even Mourinho are specially in the side with Mata five. Mata Mourinho didn’t look up 3 years ago, after 3 years seems to have become their luck, sometimes life is really wonderful! The horse, Taxin season first played on the 10 episode no.. This is a familiar and unfamiliar position for him, because he was familiar with the Chelsea fame, played as an attacking midfielder; strange because of the past two seasons, Mata under Van Gaal more kick right winger. The first few games of the season, Mourinho made a few games Mata starting position, is right, this time let Mata as number 10, said before the game before BBC who also slightly questioned: "Mata still feel this position?" A wonderful goal of Mata but all this worry is unnecessary, tonight Mata in 10 on the night peak. "Mirror", said: "Mata seems to be back to the era of Chelsea." Yes, Mata was active in the frontal position, there are several united offensive threats are associated with him. Thirty-seventh minutes, Mata instigated offensive first he passed the ball to the edge of the box pick the ball to the bogeba, then cross the England winger lingard, knock, Mata with volley. From the launch to the end of the attack, Mata completed the perfect. Look from the slow motion, after Mata in the ball to Pogba, quickly move, to grab the position inside the area, eventually appear in the pass line of Lin Jiade, which is totally Mata outstanding consciousness, reflects the high ball quotient. BBC is talking about the ball, said: Mata in the mind, it seems that the whole process has been the goal of the whole process, in fact, he did it, his brain turned very fast." Indeed, a score is enough to prove that the horse Tachao high ball. Blinder left corner, Mata Mata in ball, this can choose their own hit the door, but when he found a better location of the rush, when he decisively chose again a England teenager easily into Buddhism, lock the victory for Manchester united. It should be said that Mata in 3 minutes of the 1 pass 1 shots for the game set the tone. But this is only a part of Mata Mata’s performance, the game is like a never run undead warriors, became United’s perpetual motion. According to OPTA statistics, Mata audience running up to 11040 meters, the most running for United players, and to know the horse before the tower has been criticized for the lack of running, this change is sufficient to Spanish star attitude. Don’t forget, Mata played only 87 minutes and didn’t play the whole game, and it would have been a little bit more than a full 90 minutes. In eighty-seventh minutes, Mourinho chose to use the Ashley – yang to change the Mata, but it did)相关的主题文章: