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Web-Design A good website always targets on the user. Hence, it should be eye catching and sufficiently informative. It should convey authentic information to the user about your products and services. A good website .prises of some significant features like effective programming, objective-driven website design, proper maintenance, excellent content, efficient quality assurance etc. Let us have a glance at the useful tips for the creation of a good website: .petitive analysis: Study the market well and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your .petitors. Browse through the Internet and take a tour of their websites and the key areas that they have focused on. Easy navigation: Make sure that your website has a neat navigation and the users are able to find the important links of your website without any problem. The users should have a good browsing trip through your website and they remain glued to the website. Clean lay-out design: Make smart use of white space to give your website a neat appearance. It should not look clumsy with too much use of images and graphics. CSS and W3C Accessibility guidelines, which set web standards, should be stringently followed to make your website .patible with international standards. Maintain consistency: Your website should have a consistent look through out. The font and background color should be same across all the pages. So that your design theme remains integrated throughout the website. Avoid fancy fonts, graphics and background: Avoid using animations and graphics. Dont use heavy and useless images as they take a lot of time to get uploaded. Use fonts and font size that are easily available on all the .puters. Good content: Content is a powerful traffic-building technique. It rules the web as more and more users will be enticed to visit it repeatedly. The content of your website should be updated on a regular basis. Ensure that your paragraphs are well laid out. The text should not be too crowded or stretched. The content of your website should be original. Search engine friendly: Make sure that your website follows the guidelines laid out by major search engines such as Google, MSN & Yahoo and also ensure that site map has been properly incorporated in the website. It helps search engines to understand the structure of your website. Browser .patibility: Your website should be cross-browser .patible. Use it with different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, FireFox etc. Ensure that all the elements of your website are well aligned, when viewed through different browsers. Too many .plicated HTML designs should be avoided. Your website should be adjustable with resolution of all .puters. The website, thus created, will convey this message to your clients that you have paid adequate attention to even the minutest of the details and that you are professional in your business approach. This will form a strong bond between your website and your visitors thereby fetching you repeat business. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: