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Accidentally Deleted Photos From your Nikon D3100 Digital Camera and Want to Get Them back? If you’ve deleted pictures off your Nikon D3100 digital camera SD card by mistake – Don’t panic! You CAN get them back. Why Digital Cameras Are Like .puters? SD cards work in a similar way with .puters in that they don’t always .pletely delete files until that information has been formatted. Instead, they simply mark the available space as usable again and then later write over it. What does this mean to you? What it means is that you’re lucky because contrary to .mon belief that once pictures are deleted off a digital camera they are permanently wiped off No!They are not. Pictures are saved on SD cards as files. These files have taken a fixed space on SD cards. Once deleted, your photos will no longer be viewed by the digital camera, however the deleted photos are still there! First Thing-STOP taking any more photos with your Nikon digital camera SD card! If you want to retrieve deleted pictures from your Kodak digital camera SD card – stop taking any more pics Now. If you haven’t formatted the SD card or saved any more pictures to it, its highly possible to get your erased photos back. So remove the SD or MMC card from your digital camera and put it somewhere safe and don’t save any more pictures onto your card. Retrieve Your Lost Photos from DIgital Camera Now! Photos accidentally deleted from Nikon digital camera can be easily recovered using the professional Tenorshare Data Recovery. To use the software, you will need a card reader connected to your PC and the SD card connected to the reader. Now wait as Tenorshare Data Recovery scans your sd card to find your deleted pictures gives you a thumbnail of every retrievable file. How to ? It is easy to recover the deleted photos. Download Tenorshare Data Recovery and run it. There are four steps to do: 1. Select deleted recovery. It will take you a few minutes to scan your SD card; 2.You can see all deleted photos listed on the task window, click the photos you want to get back; 3. Select a path folder for the recovered photos to save in; 4. Click "OK" to finish recovery. Download Tenorshare Data Recovery and scan your SD card For Free to check out whether your deleted pictures can be retrieve! How Much are Your Memories Worth to You? If you have ever deleted a picture you really needed, how much is it worth to you knowing that you can get that memory back with one click? Tenorshare Data Recovery works with any type of digital camera, including: Sony (SR2),Canon (CRW, CR2),Kodak (K25, KDC, DCR),Pentax (PEF),Sigma (X3F),Fuji (RAF),Minolta (MRW),Nikon (NEF, Intel),Olympus (ORF) etc. Retrieve deleted photos in the following picture formats: JPG or JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, AIFF and ASF etc. Recover deleted videos in the following video formats: AVI, WMA, MPG or MPEG,MOV, RM or RAM,SWF, MP4, WMV,RMVB,DVD,VOB,DV and FLV etc. More Related Articles here: Data Recovery Blog About the Author: 相关的主题文章: