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Writing-and-Speaking Precisely what pops into your head whenever you think of a wedding in the country? Do you envision a rather rustic but beautiful environment where the attendees are sipping dandelion wine and snacking on cunning little canaps made to appear stylishly informal? If this describes what you’ve envisioned you are by no means wrong yet in Southern Africa, though, your typical country wedding has got a quite unique look. The South African landscape is typically somewhat untamed and rugged-looking hence the phrase ‘bush wedding’ that the local folks employ to describe wedding ceremonies held here. Even though the interiors of bush wedding venues are equally as stylish in appearance and have all of the amenities that one could anticipate finding at a wedding venue in the city, there’s a ‘wildness’ about the encompassing environment which says to you that you are really in the heart of the southern African bush. This wildness is frequently quite evident in the nuptial photographs and, as the newly wedded couple pose happily among the waving grasses of the African savannah, you half anticipate seeing an elephant strolling by in the background or perhaps even the silhouette of a regal lion in the distance. In Southern Africa the bush wedding venue is becoming an increasingly preferred destination to hold a wedding reception and for good reason. Besides the fantastic photo opportunities that this bush environment affords, there is the incredible feeling of having been freed the rat race. Whilst you can still find quite a few unspoilt natural areas in Southern Africa that continue to be unblemished by civilization, most people dwell in the major cities where the landscape is dominated by concrete and asphalt. It is scarcely surprising then, that a wedding couple might wish to get away from the concrete jungle on the day they get hitched. Luckily, there are a number of nuptial venues for wedding couples to choose from that are handily located close to major towns yet still retain the atmosphere of the country. Take the wedding venues in Magaliesberg, for example. This hilly area is comparatively close to the huge city of Johannesburg thus defining it as the perfect place to hold a wedding. The area is sufficiently far from the city centre that there aren’t any high-rise complexes evident on the skyline but near enough to the town that it does not require much time to travel to and from the wedding venue. Magaliesburg is also handy for Krugersdorp residents and comparatively straightforward to get to from Pretoria. A number of these establishments also provide conference amenities so if you’re currently looking for a hotel conference centre then don’t be too hasty to dismiss what at first look seems to be a bush wedding venue. What you will find here that you cannot find in a big town is privacy and intimacy which tends to make this sort of place perfect for team building workshops and corporate breakaways. So there you have it. Venues in the countryside or bush are not just fantastic sites for marriage ceremonies, they make superb conference venues too. The facilities here are as contemporary and refined as any you will find in the city without being very far from it and the breathtaking environment promises to create an extremely remarkable marriage day. Oh, and let’s remember the fantastic wedding and reception photo opportunities! For more information on conference venues, go to About the Author: 相关的主题文章: