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76 boss responded: I understand his potential center shelling Brown and Noel he’s occupation sina sports news Beijing time on September 28th, according to Philadelphia media reports, a team of 76 people Neilunsi young center Noel has blasted the team management strategy, and pointed out that 76 people have the inside of three with the first qualification center, which lead to the outside world hot. However, after the end of today ‘s 76 – team training, team coach Bret – Brown said he understood and very optimistic about the future of the future of the of. And his teammates, but after seeing the 76 men have been out of office for the next three years, Noel believes his current situation needs to change. "I think it’s stupid. I’m talking about our situation. There are three centers in the team." Noel said in an interview recently, "with the departure of Sam – -, I hope the new management can do something in the summer." "I think something has to change." In the eyes of many people, Noel’s move is the management of direct shelling of 76 people, and wants to be traded. In fact, throughout the summer, Noel has been trading rumors. In the face of Noel’s discontent, the 76 team coach Brown is very understanding and generosity. Today the team after the training, Brown said he could see Noel’s future is very bright, and reminded that Noel is the only one of the 76 person time without restriction to center. Ghazil – Okafor has just recovered from an ankle injury, while Joel de embid has two consecutive season because of injury claims. "I don’t have a grudge against Neilunsi Noel said before. He talked to me about the subject, and in today’s training, he was very professional." Brown said. Yesterday, the 76 team media day, team president Blaine Colangelo also asked Noel’s speech. In response, he joked, "I’m not disappointed at all, and I can understand him. I think Neilunsi nicely summarizes our current situation, we have very good depth and a lot of talent in the center position." Last season, Noel played 67 games on behalf of the 76 person team, averaging 11.1 points and 8.1 rebounds, and 1.8 steals and 1.5 blocks. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: