90% parents will give the child to see the picture book, miss a is child – mother of Sohu nvidia geforce gt 740m

90% parents will give the child to see the picture book, miss a is children – the Sohu | cheats Jun Lin mother’s little fat this year 2 years old, naughty two words is not to describe her child in Lin’s eyes, it is God sent down torture their little devil. One family was sitting on the sofa watching TV, laughing and talking, always a fat kid suddenly ran to turn off the tv. No evil him, even the plug is pulled out, scared, afraid of children accidentally electrocuted. Occasionally, Ms. Lin will be at home with a class, the little guy was playing in the building, will suddenly stand up and turn off the computer at the beginning, Ms. Lin did not prepare, one off the computer, is completely busy. More people can not stand is that the child is personal to crazy, every time I took him to play outside, he is running and shouting, there is no time to note that the little guy went to the fountain, but the pool without water, otherwise the consequences are difficult to imagine. The last in a family travel activities, other kids let mother hand, fat kid is like a runaway horse, bumpy road, he just ran out of the Liu Xiang hurdle rate. It is estimated that such a child will have a headache to do nothing, do not listen to reason, then in the end how to do it? In fact, the mother can use the child’s psychological characteristics, the use of the story of the form of education for children. The following picture book, you can learn from my mother. A David. ", not" this series of picture books is written by the famous American cartoonist David Shannon, according to the age of children is divided into three volumes of "David", not "David" trouble "David went to school". Is mainly a David for the protagonist, described in the 2-6 year old children lively, naughty, disobedient, which triggered a series of troubles, every time the mother made a "shouted David can not". In addition, this book through a series of vivid and interesting stories, but also for children to carry out safety and health education, so that children understand what behavior is dangerous, such as picking up the ground to eat the gravel, ran to the road. Two "baby". The study found that 2 years old -6 years old children of his life story and very interested, do not understand the complex story of snow white and the Cinderella story is too far away from their lives, in addition there is no guidance and inspiration effect on the growth of children, so the mother to the child to pick the book try to let the children have a sense of substitution. This is a series of picture books of Japanese cartoonist Sasaki Yoko drawing, covering all possible problems in the process of the growth of children. A total of 15 copies of the entire series, a true reproduction of the age of the child’s compulsory courses such as their own meals, clothing, toilet and social interaction in the emergence of self centered, timid, shy. According to the story of the book can effectively guide the children to develop good habits and ability to interact with people. But the picture books have a common characteristic is that the word is relatively small, the story is simple, so it is necessary to accompany their children to watch the mother patiently. Parent-child reading, the mother does not directly read the book on the word, you can combine the child!相关的主题文章: