90 seconds like to see street shot Did you see the essence. (video) remonstrate

90 seconds like to see street shot? Did you see the essence. Like to watch the street beat? Did you see the essence. Disdain and spring contests, to force people to warm summer, autumn always has a unique character of independent, not to follow the beaten track. As of last night the west wind Qi zero tree, such as the vast desert of the river. Well, Xiao Bian today to take serious literary and artistic route. After the color is worn on the body of the noisy season, elegant plain doctrine is autumn rain and cool and open, elegant intellectual Cougar turned, as Iraqi side in the water. To introduce you to a series of generous understanding and good use of bag spring 2016 TOD ‘S Double pet T, micro ladder profile, sideways "organ" type design, memory upgrade and WAVE package in mouth comparable, good-looking and practical is the kingly way. Let’s take a look at what the stars love. Milan fashion week 2017: metal and sexy star lineup aspect continued with the national good wife Liu Tao is also from the moment. Let’s look at the elegant yet expensive WAVE bag mouth, noble elegant temperament came. Let us look at the next Xiaobian favorite shoes ~ in Italy to find the world’s best shoes." This represented almost all the pursuit of stylish and quality of modern people heart unquestionable truth. This has always been low-key kitsch, modern gentleman Tod ‘s represents the elegant and fashionable way of life. This began in the 70s brand, to look for the source, which dates back to more than and 100 years ago in Italy town of Cassette d ‘Ete, Filippo Della Valle local shoemaker founded a small shoe workshops, a few years later, his grandson Diego Della Valle created the prototype of Tod’ s brand and the invention of Doug shoes that is designed to make the anti-skid performance F1 Racer wearing shoes are better, but also at the same time in casual and formal occasions wearing. The one hundred year precipitation process, Tod s will not hesitate to ingenious classic and modern fusion, to create the perfect texture and creativity. "Doug shoes" (Moccasin-gommino) was born in 1986, at the beginning of design, the Diego Della Valle in order to facilitate the people driving the pedal to prevent slipping, so in the shoe after order 133 rubber particles. After the unexpected introduction of popular, has been described as like walking in the water bed, no pressure shoes, in the course of time became the brand symbol aesthetics. In the selection of leather, leather brand in order to have a good performance, even in the old cellar for years to meet the requirements. And this sneaker will hide in the soles of the TOD ‘S’ peas’ became the protagonist of sports shoes. Vamps and heels around the "bean", each kind of color in different leather and natural transition in the vamp, low-key but not the beauty of the details, to the new TOD S sports shoes for the gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, and a "first" in the autumn and winter India plating the first type of shoes in the history. See Wuli male god Chen Xuedong is.相关的主题文章: