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Not a word "flash speech" not so unbearable original title: yiyanbuge "flash speech" not so unbearable "Author: internship was not full left, go to work less than half a year for work, work flow batui……" Some recruitment sites recently released workplace flash speech survey data show that more than 30% of the graduates in the post resignation after two months. In Nanjing, so that a word is not a word on the flash after 90 there are many, less money, live more, learn less than the experience of the flash speech, the three main reasons. (yesterday "Yangzi Evening News") Jing Bairan in the mango variety show, had been told of a piece: the long pole, wide bench, pole to tie on the bench, the bench said. For some people want to stay in the enterprise, the word is the root of the word "no" bench. According to the old argument, "flash speech" is not worth praising, which means that the graduates have no patience. However, I think, "flash speech" is not something unbearable. If there is no distance and Poetry (personal and space), even in front of struggling (one at least keep live since a salary) are difficult to reach it, why not broken homes, decisive flash speech? As for those who did not play enough or not want to go back home by the parents of the parents, the words of the wonderful work, it is estimated that the company will let go. Said, "a slap does not ring," flash phenomenon, in addition to human factors, there are more reasons for the company. The ancients often say good birds greener pastures. Can not retain employees of the enterprise or industry, may not be worthy of nostalgia. The reason is very simple, a good business, certainly a lot of people come in to crush the head. Otherwise, the enterprise no matter how low attitude, no hook people environment and competitive salary, the Linjiaxiaomei also took the opportunity to leave the office. Some researchers have pointed out that talent is a luxury, full play the role of the need for more stringent conditions, such as the environment, cultural atmosphere and regional knowledge gradient. Accordingly, they don’t need to think of Somalia Bill · Gates and Elon Musk, but is · the United States needs such a person. No one denies that the two men are talent, but each region at different stages of development, resulting in a serious difference between the needs of the two preferences. This region, industry or enterprise can be applied. In the news, the graduate internship internship for half a year, only get the basic salary of 80 % (about 2000 yuan), no commission and formal staff assessment of the company itself is the same LOW: their eyes may only have no exploitation, and exercise training talents of social responsibility. Disclosure of the foregoing investigation, catering, sales and the like, the employment needs of enterprises, the entry threshold is low and easy to use, in the case of unprecedented employment pressure, popular with graduates of all ages. But the food and beverage industry work with physical labor, high repeatability, sales of longer working hours, overtime is often difficult to treatment for the homely food, therefore, workload, become "disastrous flash.". In my opinion, the "flash" family voting with their feet, is a normal market reaction, the low added value, low growth Hao相关的主题文章: