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A high school girl was a stranger to help but not to the road to school was raped and killed Xiao Jun, fifteen years old at the time of the incident, a lively and cheerful girl, a high. The neighbors love this beautiful girl very enthusiastic, but who would have thought that a stranger approached, an enthusiastic help, actually provoke a fatal disaster to the girl. One April 2013 morning, a famous seaside tourist city of Weihai still chilly. Close to a small fringe, in addition to the busy working on the street vendors, almost invisible. After breakfast, I Shanghai Beiqishubao to get ready for school. Her father Liu Minsheng is the same school security, every day under the night, the morning saw her daughter into school gave him a sweet smile, he is the most gratifying moment in a day. Home is not far away from the school. But this day some strange, Liu Minsheng at the school gate waiting for a long time, until the bell rang, the daughter did not appear. He immediately called home, but his wife said her daughter had to go out. Liu Minsheng heart sink, hurriedly ride home to catch up. He in his neighborhood around and along the way, the passing of many shops, also passed one Yin Ze clothing store. How could he have thought that Xiao Jun would be in the clothing store and threatened to die?. In front of the April Fool’s Day Massacre mentioned, our home is located in the urban fringe, the flow of personnel, business head room rent to most people overseas to work. Clothing store owner, 26 year old Zhang Xin is one of them. It was April 1st, April Fool’s day. My classmates often in this from a lot of banter with a Western holiday, this let Xiao Jun on this day is full of curiosity. Zhang Xin dropped out of school, opened the clothing store here. A few days ago, his wife took the children back home, he was left alone to take care of business. He later confessed that the first few days he saw the Yellow video, April 1st early this morning, he opened the door and waited for. A few minutes later, quiet street, walk alone the oncoming june. The idea of sin begins to ferment. Shandong Provincial People’s Procuratorate two prosecutors Li Jieyao: suspects confessed, the day he saw the girl alone in the street, no one around, came forward to call the girl. "Little sister, can you do me a favor? The clothes board in the room is too heavy. I can’t lift it by myself. Can you come in and help me?" A new store behind, lit a dim light, no one under the four blocks in extremely deep and dark. If there is enough safety awareness, Xiao Jun might refuse, because at that time, the day is not yet fully bright, a robust single men for a fifteen year old emaciated girl to help him carry the heavy clothing plate, this seems counterintuitive. Moreover, there is no other people in the store, once into such a private and closed space, in the case of such a disparity in strength, security is not guaranteed. But she is a warm-hearted and simple girl. Faced with the need to help strangers, she did not hesitate, and Zhang Xin went into the store. Shandong Provincial People’s Procuratorate prosecution two prosecutors Li Jieyao: at the beginning of a new hug from behind Xiao Jun, the little girl began相关的主题文章: