A man carrying 900 cigarettes or want to earn price difference was sentenced-bloxorz

A man carrying 900 cigarettes or want to earn the difference was sentenced to western network (Shaanxi radio and television news reporter Liu Weifeng Zhang Lei correspondent) everyone knows that selling counterfeit cigarettes is illegal, but is not required to sell real smoke will be illegal. In the absence of a tobacco monopoly license case, for personal gain, Sichuan city of Guangyuan province 90 Xiemou decided to rush into danger with two price difference between cigarettes to start reselling brands of cigarettes in its business from Baoji to Wu Guan Yi Zhen Guangyuan transport cigarettes to Liuba County, was seized Liuba County Public Security Bureau police station Wu Guan Yi. On the spot seized hard 540 cigarettes, "Chinese" soft "Chinese" 199 soft "cigarettes, cigarette 150 treasures of clouds". The identification of the cigarette are genuine cigarettes, worth 333 thousand and 100 yuan. After accepting the case, the Liuba County People’s Procuratorate, according to the law approved the arrest of Xiemou, Xiemou suspected of illegal business crimes to court. Recently, the Liuba County People’s court sentenced to three years in accordance with the law of illegal business crimes, sentenced to probation for a period of four years. Impose a fine of 10000 yuan. Tobacco confiscated in accordance with the law.相关的主题文章: