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News-and-Society Utilising an events management .pany can make planning an event a lot less stressful than it might otherwise be. The event management .pany will need to know a few details beforehand though so that the planning process is as efficient as possible. Highlighted in the discussion below are some aspects you will need to cover with your event planner as soon as possible so that they have the maximum amount of time to organise the event successfully. The first thing an event management .pany needs to be aware of is the kind of event you want them to plan. Maybe your event is a wedding that will occur during winter but alternately you could want to celebrate your birthday with a lavish lunch or it might be something .pletely different such as an evening retirement party. Different types of occasions involve different elements of event planning that the event .pany will need to carry out. The event planning process can be a lengthy one so get in touch with the events .pany you want to use as soon as possible in order to have ample time to prepare. Six months’ notice may seem like a long time but event management .panies are often busy and need to be booked months ahead of clients’ event dates. If you want the events .pany to organise a summer event for you then you may have to contact them even earlier than six months ahead of the date as equipment may not be available since summer is a busy time for event management. You need to inform the event planner of the venue for your event. Determine whether the event will be an indoor one or an outdoor one. Perhaps it’s in a restaurant during the summer or alternately it may be in a marquee in a field during winter, in which case aspects such as marquee heating and toilets will need to be discussed. The events management .pany will find it useful to have at least a rough number of how many guests will be attending. This figure helps the .pany to arrange seating plans and catering and to advise you on suitable marquee sizes and/or venue sizes. Make sure the organiser also knows if the majority of guests will be younger, older or a .bination of the two. This will aid them in creating a suitable tone for an event. The feel of a party for someone who is newly retired will be vastly different to the feel of a child’s birthday celebration. If you want someone to help guests with parking their cars, the events .pany can provide parking attendants for you. Also decide if you want the event management .pany to provide security services before the event (for example if you have a marquee and want to protect it and its contents) and during the event (for example on the door if the event is in a public place or there is the possibility of gate crashers). An important part of event planning is contingency plans. For instance, the event planner should have an indoor contingency plan if it ends up raining and you had planned to have a wedding reception outside. You will also need to discuss aspects with the event .pany such as the decorations and type of entertainment you want, along with the budget you have. You and your event planner will be able to exchange ideas during the event planning process and they will be able to advise you on a range of feasible options that will make your event successful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: