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A village Party Secretary of Shaanxi has been suspended after the knife stabbed whistleblower couple – Sohu News China Shangluo daily news (reporter Chen Yonghui) by the report, a village Party Secretary of Shanyang County, armed with a knife broke into the homes of villagers report, stabbed the report and his wife. Slate town Shanyang county mayor Cai Min confirmed that the assailant last year has been the County Commission for Discipline inspection. At present, the assailant has been controlled by the police. Poke people long after the swearing in August 26th at 5 pm, a wounding case occurred in the town of Shanyang County, Taiwan temple near slate village, the village Party Secretary Zhao drove to the village master Tang, Tang master will hand a knife and stabbed his wife to the villagers. "At that time, I heard the master’s wife shouting murder…… Kill you…… Soon several villagers will pull out zhao." Witnessed villagers said, Zhao was pulled out of the Tang master home, he saw in the Tang master home, Tang master’s wife sat on the stool, clutching his stomach, blood everywhere, Tang master hands in blood, the ground also threw a knife. At that time, more confusion, scared everyone, we quickly dialed 120." Witnesses said Zhao was pulled out after still swearing, claiming to kill the Tang master and another villager. Tang master son Tang Tao said, when he is home to two buildings to coax a child, hear the cries of the mother, go downstairs and saw his father and mother were injured, there is a large pool of blood on the ground, the whole process is also a matter of minutes. The injured man: I reported him him yesterday, the village brought the wounding incident in the temple of Taiwan, the villagers said, Zhao is the temple of Taiwan village party secretary, because of the contradictions and Tang master, before the two sides fight, Tang master kept reporting Zhao, Zhao has been suspended after being reported. Yesterday afternoon, just had surgery of the Tang Master said, when he and his wife at home, Zhao drive to their home, will be parked in the yard, holding a knife calling his name, came to his home. Zhao with a knife to me, I grabbed the blade, we will be entangled together, his wife saw this behind the scenes, they quickly ran out of the house for help." Tang Master said, Zhao brother soon arrived, he put down the knife, later Zhao knife stabbed his wife to the waist. Tang Tao said that after his father and mother were taken to hospital, after surgery, two people have been out of danger. So why is this happening? Tang Master said: "because the homestead of things, I have a problem with him, then I report to him, he will bear a grudge." The assailant was suspended investigation stage "I have just heard about this, Zhao is a village party secretary, but has been suspended investigation, is still under investigation stage." Slate town mayor Cai Min said Zhao is in 2015 by the County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the investigation, the reason is the masses of his disciplinary problems. Cai Min said he heard the County Commission for Discipline Inspection of Zhao’s problem has been filed, the results have not been announced, to be announced after they make a deal. After the incident, the public security organs have been involved, the town government will do follow-up work. Yesterday afternoon, the China Daily reporter from the police confirmed this slate, after the incident, Zhao has been controlled by the police, the case is under investigation.相关的主题文章: